TMCnet Gets Even More Popular

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TMCnet Gets Even More Popular

TMCnet web traffic has been on a continual tear and this morning I noticed we are among  the 2,900 most popular websites in the world as ranked by Alexa. The exact number is 2,862. This out of all sites mind you. You can compare TMCnet to other sites if you like here.

Major news sites like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal will rank in the top 1,000. Virtually every other b2b site has less traffic than TMCnet and there is no communications site I have ever found that ranks anywhere near TMCnet.

My personal goal is to hit 1,000,000 unique visitors per month. I am looking to do this with filtered numbers. If you include the many bots and spiders crawling the web we exceed a million every month – it is the filtered number that is important. 700,000+ is the most unique visitors we have had in a month so far.

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