Took Some Time Off Last Week

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Took Some Time Off Last Week

After the super-successful TMC VoIP Developer Conference last week I decided to take a few days off to be with the family. We decided not to go anywhere. The last time we took Priscilla on a plane trip it was not fun and now I’ve got two daughters as Nicole is only a few months old. Don’t get me wrong… It is great to get away with young kids, it is just the two days of packing before the trip and the days of travel and going through security with children are not fun. I think this ruins the spirit of the vacation.

Still, I miss the Caribbean a great deal and hope to get down there soon.

So my wife and I decided it would be more trouble to take a flight somewhere with two kids than it would be to just stay home and do lots of things we normally don’t have time to do.

We went tot The Bronx Zoo and Sesame Place for example.

I relaxed so much I forgot to download the photos and got up at 5:45 this morning to get the job done. I hope to have time to post some soon.

I was online for an average of an hour a day last week and am still amazed at how much e-mail I received. Even with the myriad spam filters on that delete hundreds of messages a day from the known spammer black lists, I still find myself going through 500+ messages each day if not many more.

I recently read that Americans are taking less vacation days than ever and part of the reason is that they have to deal with even more work when they get back.

The article mentioned that employers are saving billions of dollars due to this trend. I wonder though if it isn’t better for employers and employees to get out of the office and take the mini-vacation days I took where you do the essential items on your list as needed but leave the superfluous stuff for when you get back. I think the risk of burning out and becoming less productive is very real and would think that this would waste more employer dollars than unclaimed vacation days.

I guess this means this week will be a superfluous one for me. Well whatever it is I am pretty darn relaxed so far and am glad to be back.

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