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Unified Communications

Newest Tech, Oldest Profession

March 11, 2008

I must admit, I was not 100% sure I wanted to cover this topic in my blog but in the end the human interest angle coupled with the popularity of the news regarding the Eliot Spitzer prostitution arrest made many of us in the technology space realize just how much technology is in use in the world's oldest profession.

Bank wires, cell phones, pagers, smart phones, IM and video conferencing are just some of the technologies now used in this business. In addition, MSNBC reports of sophisticated bug and hidden camera detection devices as well.

The only thing I haven't seen brought to light is unified communications in prostitution rings. I am sure it is just a matter of time. Now that the world is catching on to just how high-tech the profession is, I am sure some of my vendor meetings will have me dealing with comments like ,"We have 35% call girl market share while our competitors are still struggling with this vertical market...

Aspect Brings Unified Communications to the Contact Center

March 9, 2008

In 1997 TMC decided to launch a magazine titled Internet Telephony to cover what we hoped would become a huge IP communications industry. A few years later, contact centers saw the technology as a great way to take advantage of remote agents and distributed call center solutions which inherently delivered lower costs and increased redundancy as compared to legacy solutions.

Looking back, we can say IP was a transformational technology for contact centers.

While in a typical enterprise, telephony may constitute a relatively small part of the spend, in the call center - telecom costs are generally much higher. This is part of the reason why any innovation in communications has a much higher proportion of importance in the call center as compared to most other areas of a company.

Not only is the contact center a part of a corporation which has large telecom costs, we all realize how important a role the contact center plays in providing customer service. Some research on the topic points out that 30% of customers who have a good customer experience will do more or much more business with a company.

Ken Camp is Available

March 8, 2008

Regular readers of my blog and attendees of TMC expos no doubt know Ken Camp. Ken is very knowledgeable in the field of information technology with special expertise in communications and security. He has written books, articles, spoken at shows and is a recognized thought leader in the blogoshere and beyond.

Ken does all this and is also the State Enterprise Architect for the State of Washington -- with a special focus on security.

Ken has impressed me for a number of reasons and perhaps one of the most amazing things he does is travel to industry events on his own dime. He does this because he seems to truly love the industry, being involved with it and sharing his thoughts with others via his books, internet writings and speaking assignmets.

Having said that, Ken is looking to change roles and I can think of few people who are capable as he is.

Peter Radizeski Joins TMCnet

March 7, 2008

TMCnet's latest blogger is Peter Radizeski. Peter is knowledgeable and not afraid to say what he thinks. He is direct and has a long history in telecom. He will will write things that ruffle feathers.

Rumor: Deutsche Telecom to Acquire Sprint

March 7, 2008

I don't want to predict a disaster but having Deutsche Telecom acquire Sprint doesn't make sense from the perspective of all the different network types these companies use. Sprint uses CDMA, Deutsche Telecom's T-Mobile uses GSM and Nextel uses iDEN. Oh, don't forget to add WiMAX to this mix.

It is unclear how many of the Sprint/Nextel problems were do to management problems as opposed to having to deal with two disparate network types.

Adding yet another technology to the mix seems like something only a masochist would want to do.

Oh, did I mention Merrill Lynch predicted that Deutsche Telecom will acquire Sprint? Merrill has a point from a market share perspective.

Communications News March 7, 2008

March 7, 2008

My editorial team has selected the following stories as some of the most important ones of the week. Hopefully some or all of these news items will be useful to my readers.

Some of my favorite ones are how green Sony-Ericsson is, new patents for i2 Telecom and 8x8/Packet8, RingCentral's $12 million funding and Broadvox and The Amanda Company partnering.

Jaduka's New Products

March 7, 2008

Jaduka has a suite of new products/services which allow IP communications to enter the realm of web 2.0. The company has a suite of services in fact and they are worth discussing individually...

dukaDIAL lets you make phone-to-phone calls to anyone in North America for free. The concept is certainly not new but there is really no defacto leader in this space so the company could gain traction in this market. The way it works is via web form which you fill out and the calls are connected automatically.

dukaLINK Creates personal HTML hyperlinks that you can post on craigslist, Facebook, your blog or emails.

NEC, Microsoft, HP Labs and Comcast News

March 7, 2008

I was traveling yesterday and I didn't get a chance to communicate with my blog readers in the detail I would normally like to give. This morning I decided to share all the news that caught my eye from last night and this morning.


The first up is the the new NEC VT800 which I thought was interesting as it is a network-ready video projector for around $1,000. Apparently the Ethernet port just manages the device... Too bad -- I thought for sure you could run presentations over your LAN with this nifty addition.

Hopefully this will change in the future and NEC will see fit to have this or a future device IP communications enabled so you could have one way video presentations from remote locations.

More from PCMAG and engadget

Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer is in the news and shares his views that Google is the company they need to beat and how he will do everything in his power to catch the search leader.

Sun Unified Communications Solutions

March 6, 2008

Sun is getting into the unified communications game with the aid of Mitel. This is great as IBM is big player in the space and having an alternative vendor like SUN is great for companies who are looking for options.

Meed I even mention how big a role Microsoft is playing in this space?

As you may recall, I covered Sun's offerings in communications and the expanding Mitel relationship about a year ago.

What is unknown is whether SUN will be looking to work with other vendors besides Mitel on this initiative.

This linux-based solution starts at $9,000 and can support up to 5,000 phones per server.

Greg Galitzine has the details of this news if you are interested in learning more.

Packet8 Get's 72nd Patent

March 6, 2008

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