OCS Assimilation

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OCS Assimilation

Tom Cross has an interesting post about Microsoft OCS and in it he has a good communications history lesson detailing some of Redmond's past activities in the telecom space. Here is an excerpt:

What all this means is that the old-time interconnect company is finally going away. Many of them hate IP systems, never wanted to learn IP and keep thinking it’s a fad that will go away. This also means huge opportunity for those who finally want to see the telephone finally get “assimilated” PC and the benefits of “unified” communications or messaging finally arrive. In subsequent articles I will address this concept and how finally AI-artificial intelligence systems can finally be integrated into communications.

In my humble opinion, OCS is the most significant event since the digital PBX and while the PBX will remain for sometime to come, its days are numbered. Now is the time for all parties to get knowledgeable about OCS and where this is going and how to prosper from it or begin looking for a new job. And, yes the reference to being assimilated comes from the Borg in StarTrek® where all knowledge comes from, of course. Microsoft® is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

You can see Cross next week at ITEXPO in Miami, FL where he will be teaching a Microsoft OCS Certification course as part of TMC University. Hope to see you there.

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