Tandberg Video works with Microsoft OCS

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Tandberg Video works with Microsoft OCS

Microsoft unified communications gets video interoperability with Tandberg products.

Specifically, TANDBERG MXP endpoints can now register and authenticate directly with Office Communications Server 2007 allowing them to appear as contacts in an Office Communicator 2007 user's contact list. By clicking a name in their contact list, users of Office Communicator 2007 can now visually connect with any TANDBERG MXP device registered directly with Office Communications Server 2007.

In order to make this happen, your products need a software upgrade. Once upgraded, users can also take advantage of the single user identity inherent in Microsoft Office Communications Server. For example, an individual can be reached automatically at their high-definition (HD) desktop videoconferencing system when in the office and on their Office Communications Server 2007-enabled webcam while traveling.

Additionally, the TANDBERG Codian MCU 4500 Series extends TANDBERG's interoperability model with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 by allowing conferences from the TANDBERG MCU to appear as contacts. This enables users of Office Communicator 2007 to conference with any other standards-based video systems. HD video users on a multipoint conference continue to receive HD quality.

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