Gadgets to Shape More Telecom Decisions

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Gadgets to Shape More Telecom Decisions

It seems both of the major US cellular carriers have decided femtocells are a good idea. First AT&T and now Verizon. What this obviously means for customers is better service at home or in offices with poor coverage. The obvious losers here are pure-play VoIP companies as well as cabecos.


Let's face it - wireless devices are the cool hip gadgets we carry and using even the hippest home phone makes us feel like we are walking around in bell bottoms and one-piece bathing suits from the turn of the century.

When it comes to fashion and pizzazz, it is really tough for anything to compete with today's cell phones.

The telecom battle has really become the consumer electronics battle. This should have been clear a few years back when COMDEX ended up dead and CES continued to grow.

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