Grandstream GXV3005 Videophone Supports PSTN and VidTel

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Grandstream GXV3005 Videophone Supports PSTN and VidTel


Grandstream makes a solid and well-regarded videophone in the GXV3000. What's not to like? Low price and solid features like a The new model - the GXV3005 does everything the GXV3000 does and adds PSTN support allowing the phone to be more useful if either network is out or perhaps if you want to have a backup to your VoIP line.

As of this writing you can get the GXV3000 from, IP Phone Warehouse, VoIP Discount Warehouse, The VoIP Connection or Telephony Depot for about $220 or so.
5.6 inch TFTP adjustable LCD screen, a VGA camera which rotates independently of the screen and support for 30 FPS video using the H.264/H.263 standard. Moreover there is support of bandwidths as low as 32kbps and up to 1Mbps.

The newer GXV3005 retails for $325 and I am told also supports the excellent VidTel service.

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