Harmonic Update

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Harmonic Update

harmonic.pngI recently had a chance to chat with Ian Jefferson, VP Sales & Biz Dev at Harmonic to learn more about his company which provides video solutions to a variety of spaces from telco to satellite. Recently the company purchased Omneon, a leader in providing broadcast and on-demand video solutions. Patrick Harshman, President and CEO of Harmonic explained that the acquisition was designed to help deepen company relationships with global media companies, enabling them to create, package and deliver next-gen video-centric media services.

Jefferson told me he sees more and more file-based video content and the files need to be transcoded to 20 or more different formats to deal with a slew of new devices and quality types. He said, “File based transcoding is increasing exponentially,” and he doesn’t see this leveling off for some time.

He says many of the conversations he has with customers revolve around them wanting to transmit the best quality possible and they eventually come to realize customers will watch the best quality available. He went on to say TV simplification is something we desperate need as consumers want an easier experience.

His thoughts on 3D was that movies and games will use it but it may be too inconvenient for casual TV watching with the current requirement to wear glasses.

As you may recall, I was at the Vancouver Olympics this past winter and Jefferson told me his company was responsible for helping to get the videos from these games onto the Internet.

For more on the company, check out past TMCnet articles about how Harmonic has expanded into the Maldives, introduced a new workflow appliance and has shipped over a million QAMs.

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