Popbox: The Flash vs. Apple War Gets Interesting

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Popbox: The Flash vs. Apple War Gets Interesting

Expect TVoIP to be a big part of the reason Adobe's Flash becomes more important - all while Apple and others continue to try to bury the technology before it is even dead. Wired explains that the new $129 popbox set-top box announced Thursday by Syabas Technology provides a platform for HDTV apps. According the article the platform ships with Channels.com (an aggregator of web-based television shows), FunSpot Games, Netflix, Photobucket (photo sharing), Revision3 (original video programming), Shoutcast internet radio and Twitter.

Just as ATAs from companies like Vonage dramatically changed the landscape of communications, television is next and the battle is heating up. And as the war continues - all of Apple's competitors will likely partner with Adobe and use Flash in order to differentiate themselves from Apple. If Flash does become even more entrenched in set-tops and even TVs it may just be a matter of time before Apple has a change of heart regarding the multimedia programming technology.

Note: The news regarding Popbox has been around since January.

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