3GSM, Skype, Oracle, Nokia and Other News

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3GSM, Skype, Oracle, Nokia and Other News

It’s been a busy morning already. There is just so much news and the morning is just starting. It should be a great week as TMC digs out from the two feet of snow we had this weekend. Personally my driveway is a solid sheet of ice and I am sure I will find kids playing hockey on it when I get back. Perhaps I’ll work late and since I may have some extra time at work how about I share some of the best news taking place so far today?

I wrote about the
government and China earlier this morning in case you missed it. Oracle is getting into open-source. That shouldn’t be news as I wrote about this a while back after I saw a post on Om Malik’s blog.

There is some big
Skype news at 3GSM in Spain and HP has a new mobile device the hw6900 that runs this ultra popular Internet telephony application. Alas the resolution is a measly 240x240 which I think is too little for today’s web-based apps.

From Barcelona we move to England where
e-commerce is booming. Perhaps the allure of riding those double-decker buses fades after a while and you just feel like staying indoors, opening the windows and enjoying the clouds.

There is some interesting
Nokia IMS news as well but this isn’t such a surprise as every company seems to be getting onto IMS. Personally this is exciting as IMS Magazine kicks off soon. We are going to send it to the printer any day now and the mock up of the publication looks impressive.

I am off to a meeting  or two or seven :) so you’ll have to get your news fix the old-fashioned way… Just visit
TMCnet yourself throughout the day. You won’t be alone as about 900,000 people viewed just under 14 million pages on TMCnet last month. Enjoy!

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