900% Cable VoIP Growth

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900% Cable VoIP Growth

I must have been asleep a few days ago when Greg Galitzine blogged about the massive growth in the cable VoIP market. half a million cable VoIP subscribers are voiping together while in 2003 the number was closer to 50,000!

I suppose this is why Time Warner telecom has become a big part of Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in a few weeks. I may be going out on a limb but this event will likely be the largest VoIP show the world has ever seen from an attendance standpoint. The registration database is increasing virtually by the minute. We will have more service providers, enterprise purchasers, resellers and developers than at any other industry show if the trends continue. One thing I can guarantee, the ratio of attendees to exhibitors at this show will be larger than any other VoIP show held to date.  

You will have to see it to believe it and I am looking forward to personally greeting you.

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