Apple Changes Industry

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Apple Changes Industry

Among the countless industry's Apple has changed over the years from desktop publishing to graphic arts/design, music and video... There could be a new one on the horizon. The company is responsible for a beautification of rack mountable computers in telecom and elsewhere. In the next few years, expect to see more rack mountable servers available in iPOD white.

Bezel design of all things is becoming a differentiator in communications and elsewhere.

Nuera's orca: A Pioneer

IMO this whole bezel design thing started in August of 1999 when I wrote about Nuera's Orca VoIP gateway. When the issue hit, the interest level was so high that it actually hurt the company. You see the gateways weren't ready yet so potential customers waited for it to come out.

The company made it through this ordeal but I understand the timing should have been better.

Getting back to Apple... I Hope this new design trend will rub off on all PC makers.

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