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AT&T Rumors

I’ve heard a lot of AT&T rumors lately. First of all some within the AT&T organization see the merger with SBC as an acquisition and feel that AT&T is being fit into the SBC culture. One person mentioned in passing that this is not the merger of equals it is being billed as. The differences between the two companies as they were described to me is that SBC is much more military-like or the way AT&T used to be.

Another person told me that they are thrilled with how SBC is handling the acquisition and they think the kinks will soon be worked out and the resulting company will be very strong. In fact they hope to see increased marketing spending beyond what AT&T was able to do.

Yet another person I know is taking the golden parachute and seemed happy. I certainly wish the company luck and hope all my friends at SBC and AT&T benefit from the transaction.

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