AT&T, SBC Update

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AT&T, SBC Update

I had a chance to speak with Gary Morgenstern over at AT&T and I am told that during the conference calls I missed today there were some nice comments made by SBC management about CallVantage. Gary in no way implied the brand would stay or not but was just passing this along to me. There has been speculation that the AT&T brand might disappear and while it is too premature to dispel such rumors, receiving compliments on CallVantage in an SBC/AT&T conference call is a good sign. Personally I believe the CallVantage brand  is very strong and it would be a shame to see it go. It has potential worldwide appeal as does the AT&T name.

Of course the AT&T global brand is the reason for this merger as well as AT&T's lucrative business accounts according to the WSJ so logic tells you the CallVantage products will be around for a while to come.

Coincidentally, AT&T's Senior Vice President of Internet Telephony, Cathy Martine will be keynoting Internet Telephony Conference & Expo this month in Miami. I am looking forward to her perspective on the AT&T/SBC merger and what it means to AT&T and the broader VoIP market as a whole.

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