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Blogging Panel

I had a chance to see the blogging panel at VON. I briefly heard Andy Abramson moderating -- he seemed to do a great job and was dressed as a referee. Talk about playing the part. Very smart idea. I heard Om Malik speak briefly and Jeff Pulver speak for about five minutes. Jeff was pretty eloquent and funny. There was a debate about the legality of VoIP in other countries and whether VoIP should really be free. Jeff argued that VoIP is like an alternative road to a toll road. In other words it should be free. People should have the choice. I agree with his argument. I only wish I had more time to listen in as the session seemed good. I was hoping also to hear TMC's Tom Keating speak but couldn't. I was pretty busy in meetings this week and have had somewhere between 100-200 vendor meetings at the last four shows I have been at including Voicecon, Comptel, and ITEXPO. I am going to try and get the greatest hits of all my meetings into my blog. Wish me luck.

The market is absolutely crazy right now. There is so much buying going on. I am noticing that many of my contacts in the industry who have been in the business for years aren't capitalizing on the growth potential. Many of the companies that have made it through the downturn are still in survival mode meaning they aren't promoting what they do effectively. Actually they aren't doing much of anything really. Just hanging on it seems.

At the same time hundreds of new VoIP companies are springing up around the world. This new breed of company is more competitive and they seem hungrier than the "old guard." These older companies think the world is speaking Latin while they are really speaking English (or is IP a better analogy? Italian?) Either way, it's a new competitive landscape and there is true market growth taking place.

To all I say the following:

Carpe Diem or Seize the Day!

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