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A while back I received an e-mail or comment on my blog, I really cant remember where I saw it. The gist of fit was that the government will just basically tax everything it can. VoIP, luxury cars, whatever it can find. That is how they generate revenue and saving and slashing costs is not a popular concept in the government.

I was reminded about this comment today when I was reading a WSJ article titled The Nose-Job Tax where NJ has already instituted a cosmetic surgery tax last summer. State leaders are quick to follow a trend that increases revenues and this explains why there are now similar proposals or bills in Texas, Illinois, Washington and Tennessee. So far, all of these are pending.

We are talking by the way about a 6% tax on hair transplants, chemical peels and liposuction. Other state’s proposed taxes range between 6% to 7.5%. There were 9.2 million cosmetic surgeries last year and the field is growing by about 5% per year. If you have noticed some wrinkles forming or are upset about those overgrown love handles, now may be the time to run out and get some quick surgery before the tax man comes after you. Unless of course if you live in New Jersey in which case you’ll probably want to hop over the border to NYC to see some of the most experienced plastic surgery doctors around. And by the way you save an automatic 6% just for making the trip to NYC.

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