CallVantage Service Update

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CallVantage Service Update

CallVantage is going through what seems to be an unusual sort of maintenance where the 911 database cannot be updated if you move during the next few weeks. I surmise this has to do with integrating CallVantage with SBC systems.

I wonder if there are FCC implications here. What happens if someone doesn’t pay attention to these messages? Is it their fault or the fault of AT&T?

Here is the actual message that was sent to customers:


This is a very important notice for AT&T CallVantage service customers. We are conducting important system maintenance from March 3 , 2006 for a few weeks. During this temporary period, please do not physically move your Telephone Adapter to another service location.

The registered 911 service address we have on file for you must correspond to the physical location of your AT&T CallVantage service. This is what enables us to accurately identify your emergency Public Safety Answering Point and correctly route your calls.

If you physically move your Telephone Adapter to another service location during this maintenance window, AT&T recommends that you use alternative means to reach 911. If you need to dial 911 from your AT&T CallVantage service plan, the first information you should provide the emergency operator is your location, name and telephone number as the emergency operator will NOT have this information automatically.

Depending on where you have moved, you may reach a non-local emergency dispatcher, such as the responder assigned to your prior service location. This dispatcher may need to transfer your call to the emergency responder assigned to your new geographic location. For these reasons, we again recommend you use alternative means to call 911, or that you look up the 10 digit telephone number for the emergency responder assigned to your new location. If you physically move your Telephone Adapter to another service location you will lose the ability to place outgoing calls other than 911 and toll free 800 numbers, and we may not be able to restore service until after our system maintenance is completed.

We appreciate your cooperation with this request and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you.

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