Cbeyond Does VoIP in Chicago

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Cbeyond Does VoIP in Chicago

Cbeyond will provide VoIP service to Chicago businesses. Focusing on primarily small business, they will be adding Chicago to the other markets they serve such as Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver and Houston.


Cbeyond Communications Enters Chicago Market VoIP Provider Specializes in Small Business Needs

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 18, 2005--Cbeyond Communications announced today that it has begun offering its integrated Voice and broadband Internet service to small and medium businesses in Chicago, Illinois.

Delivering an affordable, integrated package of high-speed Internet access, unlimited local phone calling, long distance service and Internet-based applications via reliable T-1 lines, Cbeyond has been providing service since early 2001 and serves over 15,000 small business customers in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver and Houston.

"Chicago is Cbeyond's fifth market, and we began selling services in December. We offer the chance for small and medium size companies to embrace the latest technologies at prices they can afford and without big IT resources," said Roman Lind, Cbeyond's Chicago-based Vice President and General Manager. "We recognize that this small business market has budget and resource constraints in meeting their technology needs. Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Cisco-based network creates a simplified, affordable and friendly communications experience that encourages our small business customers to embrace high-speed bandwidth with simple-to-understand, flat-rate voice and broadband service packages and efficient online support. And, we're excited to be able to offer unlimited local calling to all Chicago local calling areas - giving our customers a more predictable and easy to understand bill and less worry about per minute charges," said Lind.

Cbeyond's BeyondVoice I package includes 5 local phone lines, 1,500 minutes of long distance per month and up to 1.5 Mbps of symmetric, high-speed Internet access for as low as $495 per month. Cbeyond also offers packages for businesses with up to 48 local lines and up to 4.5 Mbps of symmetric, high-speed Internet access. A full suite of business applications includes: voicemail, conference calling, toll free, email, Secure Backup & Fileshare, VPN, web hosting and more. The package is enhanced by a number of web-based tools that make using Cbeyond a real asset for a busy small business - online billing, online account management, and online information resources.

According to Lind, "Cbeyond is the voice and broadband Internet provider built to serve small businesses. We work solely with this growing entrepreneurial class of customers and it shows in everything we do - from our customized packages to our unique customer support. Our local, long distance and Internet packages, anytime account management and industry-first VoIP platform give small businesses the communication tools that big businesses enjoy - at an affordable price."

About Cbeyond Communications

Cbeyond Communications, a privately held, Atlanta-based Managed Services Provider, is the leader in the emerging local voice and broadband services market and manages the world's first 100% Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) local phone network. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a 100% Cisco-powered, facilities-based, private network, Cbeyond delivers to small business customers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver and Houston an integrated package of high quality local and long distance telephony services, high-speed Internet access and Internet-based applications for about the same price that small businesses typically pay for local and long distance service alone. For more information on Cbeyond Communications, visit www.cbeyond.net.

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