Charlotte Observer VoIP Article

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Charlotte Observer VoIP Article

I was pretty excited to see that the Charlotte Observer thought the recent Boston Globe VoIP article quoting me was good enough to run again. A few people forwarded me the link to the site. One challenge of speaking with a reporter is you never know what they are going to use in their article. If you go off on a tangent, they could take the tangent and run.

Case in point, I discussed the opportunity for a VoIP consumer electronics device to blow away the terrible cordless phones we are stuck with today. Here is my quote:

"Today's cordless phones are generally really, really terrible phones," said Rich Tehrani, who runs an Internet phone blog and trade show. Letting people use cell phones with full-color video screens, text messaging and access to games and music might be a key way to sell hybrid service, even before issues of saving money come in.

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