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This is one of those stories that is tough to even set up. I was pretty amazed when I heard about it. Apparently according to the AP, LaChania Govan said she got bounced around by her cable company when she called to complain. She made dozens of calls and was even transferred to a person who spoke Spanish - a language she doesn't understand.

But when she got her August bill from Comcast she had no trouble understanding she'd made somebody mad. It was addressed to "Bitch Dog."

"I was like you got to be freaking kidding me," said Govan, 25. "I was so mad I couldn't even cuss."
Comcast officials said it shouldn't have happened.

"We only use the actual customers names on the bill," said Patricia Andrews-Keenan, a Comcast spokeswoman.

Company officials went through the records and identified two people who were involved with the name change and fired them, Andrews-Keenan said. It's unknown why the employees did it.

This is pretty amazing to me. I have never heard of anything like this and the concept of it was intriguing. How could Comcast even protect customers from such a thing? I suppose they could have all profanity in name changes filtered out but then again spammers are experts at bypassing these rules. How may e-mails do we all get with profanity in the subject that is just spelled differently, separated by dashes, etc. All in all this is a pretty embarrassing situation for any company and I know Comcast spends a good amount of money on its call center personnel so I’m surprised this happened. Like I have written before, a few bad apples can ruin it for all.

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This is the email I just sent to comcast to complain today 08/23/05
We need to cancle our cable and internet service with a long years relationship with comcast. I called 1800 line to make disconnect service. I talked to this lady who clamed her name is "Zoily", she wanted me to do survey of why leaving, where we move to..etc, I didn't have enough time and didn't feel like to do it. I know why you'll ask which city you are going to move probably because you want to offer the business but in another way this is kind of private! Zoily oberviously got mad about my refusion. She didn't let me talk, whenever i talked Zoily talks. Finally she yelled at me in the phone, check your telephon record. I had her to have her manager to talk to me on phone, i told this manager who clamed his name is "Gil"I said your employee yelled at me, I felt I've been slapped at my face and been discriminated, and he said Zoily is really a very good employee. What??? You mean a "good" employee of comcast offer ""YELL"" to customer on phone?? Comcast, I am really hurted and disappoinmnted, I was been embarrassed and discriminated. Gil gave me an address said this is a place I can write complain letter to which is PO box 34878 Seattle Washington 98124 I would like to know if this is true.
On my phone, I was asking a simple final invoice. This lady Zoily asked me to check my own credit card bill. I meant my "COMCAST" last invoice; she said we don't have such thing. Comcast never have such thing. I disconnect a small cell phone service, they sent me my last invoice. I disconnect SBC, they sent me last invoice. What, you meant Comcast doesn't have such thing??? Zoily though she's talking to an idiot or something ? Then when Gil on the phone, he said, oh yeah sure we can send this to you and you'll receive that in 3-5 days.


I am really hurted.

I will not use comcast again. I will let all my friends know this unpleased very hurting experience and warm them don't go Comcast to let those customer rep have chance to slap on your face and give you a hard time on laughing your unfluently English.

Comcast customer representive discriminate people who speaks in English as a second language.
I need to see a reasonable letter and apologize from this customer rep and her manager, "Zoily" and "Gil". If you are so good, go study couple more years, get a degree. Or don't yell only in English, do you speak in another language then?

Again, I am looking forward to comcast's reply, these two employee's apologies.

it's in Sunnyvale, CA by the way

S T -

You should really, REALLY learn English spelling and grammar before complaining about anyone else in the future. I couldn't even feel sorry for you as I was too busy trying to keep supper in my stomach as I read your egregious errors.

I have seen a lot of bad customer service over the years, but Comcast is the worst ever. Never do business with them unless you have no choice. I won't bore you with details. They are atrocious.

i dont want to say that comcast is "horrible" yet, but i am started to get fed up with them..i have had my high-speed internet for over 2 months now..i bought my own self install kit, and called them for assistance to be sure i did it, i did this, and the man informed me that he could here "flickering" in my modem-cable connection, and suggested i replace it. i did this, then, a short time later, i noticed something was not right, it keeps kicking me off line every 30 seconds. so i call them again, to see if i can get a tech to come out, they go through all this "talk", giving me over the phone instrucions, like delete cookies, and some other nonsense, and he tells me it should work now. needless to say, it didn't, so i call them again, they go through the same thing, and i said it still doesnt work, so they tell me it is the modem, and that i probably damamged it when i moved (they never offered to send help) so, i went out, spent 80 dollars on new modem, it still doesnt now i am getting frustrated, i need to use the internet for business purposes, besides the fact that i am paying for a service that i am not getting. so, again i call on a different day, and he says, oh i bet it is the actaul cord you are using, (even though it is new, obviously it came with my self install kit), so i replace this i sent them an e-mail, still remaining patient, and they send one back saying your problem seems as though you need a technician to come out...DUH!! so, i have to call and set up an appointment..the man on the phone asks some info on my modem, then he says, "yea, your modem is on line, and i can see there is definetely a problem with the connection..(obviously)so the tech comes and spends MAYBE 20 minutes, he goes to the computer, why i dont know, and then looks at my cable connection and basically says its because i have a splitter with 2 tv's hooked up, so he says there isn't enough of a signal for the modem, he uses his own splitter, and gets all "smart" like he fixed it, not listening while i explained that it is not fixed because i still see the "local area network has no connectivity" box keeps popping up, but he doesnt listen, then while he was filling out his paper work, he saw the box pop up, so he goes outside and checks the line, comes back and says its the building, either bad wires or maintenance issues, and says"you can get on line, but it will keep jumping on and off" THAT"S WHY I CALLED!!! I KNEW THAT!!! so, he tells me that he cant fix it, and i have to call comcast and have someone check the lines (which is what i asked for in the first place) i call back,the woman is very nice, it wasnt her department, but she contacted them for me, and told me she was trying to get a straight answer, but that they would come and have it fixed by the end of the week..i am still awaiting this, meanwhile i can not use my own computer, though i already paid for 2 months of service, and replaced a cable cord, splitter, and modem, with my own money, though none of this is my fault

Well, I can't say anything of your comments. I am a foreigner, I am alright with foreigners speak my contry's language "egregious". The only thing different is I wouldn't give the comments you gave me to a foreigner.

I currently work at Comcast. I know this isnt safe for me to say this... dont want to get shot or anything, haha. But I just want to make one thing clear. It's really not the customer service department that isnt doing its job. We try doing everything we can do make things happen. But we are underminded. All we are basically are messengers. We call our dispatch department to ask for an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for the technician. It's the technician who usually refuses to go back. And it gives us the great pleasure to always relay that news. So, we try and improvise and give a little white lie to make it seem better... Sometimes it works, and it sometimes leaves customers furious... which we usually understand more than you know. Most of us here really hate how things are being done as well. Same goes for applying credits for outages or errors in bills. We are able to apply them, but then again, our finance department goes right ahead and declines it without notification. Makes the representatives seem stupid. So believe it or not, WE DO UNDERSTAND AND WANT TO HELP... it's whether or not we can or not. Sometimes, we just can't, because the Comcast policies are messed up and wrong.

I've been calling comcast for a week now starting last monday 4/10/06 intill 4/16/06 about why MY Modem keeps going OFFLINE.A Tech[LOL]said it was a loose connection which is typical(BS).I checked them all myself(again)He said the siginal was good.I was told I probably was a BAD Surge Protector-A BAD Splitter-A Bad Cable-I did ALL that.RESET the MODEM-Pressed the resat-Rebooted my Computer.ALL of which I changed & did.AS of NOW I'm still on line.(AMAZING)
So,apparently they haven't a clue & could care LESS just as long as they get there monthly payment-WHICH is going to stop when I go DSL-even DIAL-UP would be better,At least IT stays CONNECTED.EVERYTHING they said was bad I changed and I still have the same PROBLEM.[[$$$$ is on there MIND]][[CUSTOMER satisfactiion is ON there MIND]]>

You did all the things the tech suggested and now you are staying online? But yet the tech is stupid? But when you did what he suggested it worked? But he doesn't know what he is talking about? Wow. Just wow.

I subscribe to the Howard Stern On Demand for $13.99. Some of the shows where under "Uncensored TV" which states "It is also available by subscribing to the Howard Stern On Demand." Since I have Howard Stern On Demand, I watched it because I thought it was available to me.

Guess not. I was charged $32 for watching these programs, on top of the $13.99 a month for the subscription.

I called customer no service and they said that I was in the wrong area and it says that you have to view it under the "Premium Channels" menu. It does not say that. They refused to reverse the charges saying I watched it in the wrong area.

My cable bill, with TV, internet access and phone is over $200 a month and they wont credit me $32. Crooks!

I will be at the Bellflower office at 14338 Lakewood Blvd, Bellflower, California on Saturday, May 6 at 9am with a sign that reads "Comcast screwed me over! Ask me how!" Come by to see!


I have called about this before now. Then I actually had a no. to call. Where is it now?
WHY is there something other than Sci-fi on a science fiction channel??? If you don't control this, how 'bout giving me an email address and a ph. # to the people who are in charge? Don't put wrestling on a sci fi channel, please. Do these people know it is not science fiction? They have run all kinds of things on that channel. Do we pay extra for that channel? I don't care where you put other things but please just put sci-fi on the science fiction channel. Thank you

I have very bad experience with comcast. I have been here waiting their installation from 2pm now to 9pm. The customer service would only help after 5pm and there is certainly always white lie or I would either be put on hold for 10-20 minutes. Terriable way of their handling the customer. Comcast has no clue of where the technicial is at and just kept telling you different time frame. I don't know why they could not give away their technician's phone number.

The technician is supposed to come between 2pm-5pm and it is 9pm now, they said they would come. Who knows?

Never use Comcast. Terrible service.

Waiting online for a tech support call for internet service that is flakey - current hold time is 24 mins

I have Comcast internet and digital TV. I also use a third party Voip. My cable has had problems for over a year now. I have had 5 Techs out to my house trying to solve the problem. The last three techs are all in agreement that the problem is at the street. I have a high level of return and multiple bit errors. I have only a few channels and the internet connection is intermittent at best. They have yet to come and fix the problem, they do however keep sending me my monthly bills. I have the Better Business Bureau and my Congressman trying to help me. So far Comcast has not responded. Comcast knows that there will be small if any consequences for their refusal to provide service. If they didn't have a monopoly perhaps they would have more concern for the individual consumer. We are all bleating sheeps merrily Blogging our way to the slaughter.

I'm not able to use my password to access my incoming email. I know the password, but it is rejected. I need help to correct. Thank you, Diane

This is the worst experience ever. Transitioning from adelphia to comcast. We wake up Nov. 13 to no internet. It is now the 16 and still no internet. This is after hours and hours untold, of talking to different 'techs' on this issue. I never got the same story out of any tech. One would say I'm in a 'walled garden' , more like purgatory really. Others would say no prob. get you going in no time .... 30 minutes later ... 'we'll have to get back to you.' Chatted with 'techs' on-line ... all idiots. Last one said it was an equipment issue. Yeah Yeah just another way of saying "NEXT". NO options so I have to bear with these morons. They must be losing millions over these kind of issues.

comcast digital is the worse service ever! i've been watching fuzzy lines and enjoying the sound of static for three days now and apperantly no one seems to know what the problem is. in fact, i sat on the phone with customer service for thirty minutes while they simply tried to located my account information. one would think that being able to fix the product you sell and at best able to locate your customer information should be an obvious must . . . guess not

I do not know how many other people complained about COMCAST. I just know by experience this: They have the worse customer service I have experienced in my entire life. As I politely told one of the COMCAST's rep over the phone, the best word I could use to describe their service is with a rotound DISGRACE.
I reported a cable failure to them almost two months ago. I'm still waiting for the problem to be solved. Worse, they have made me believe the would come to my house to solve the problem in three different occassions and did not show up.
I'm cancelling my subscription as of today. I feel they are taking advantage of the customers who do not have another choice for tv cable, like myself.

Would not recommend them to anybody.


COMCAST is really unbelievable. I've had major problems with my HIGH SPEED INTERNET. High Packet loss has been occuring since I moved to a new part of town and comcast has been outright nasty to me. I recently called customer service to complain about the packet loss and inconsistent internet quality, and the rude woman informed me that "packet loss is normal" and that there was no problem, thus nothing to fix. She even refused to transfer me to a supervisor. I called again because I wanted to make a complaint in writing, and I needed the address. They said there wasn't one. What kind of company is this? After much more discussion, I finally got a local address and am making my complaint. If you have a choice, NEVER CHOOSE COMCAST!!--S

I rarely call customer service for anything. The reason being, I can usually figure things out for myself in the same amount of time it takes to get answers. In a way, I feel sorry for the customer service people because they must get a lot of angry (and probably stupid) phone calls.

Yesterday, however, I called because I had a message on my answering machine from Comcast asking me to do so. It was regarding a signal from a cable box in our house that was not being received by Comcast.

I'll spare you some of the details, but what I learned is that we had been paying an extra $6/month for a service we weren't using. I asked if there was someone I could talk to about possibly receiving a refund for this. I didn't even get to explain the situation to the man, when he literally started yelling at me on the phone for at least a minute. He seriously shouted some kind of lecture to me about a scrict 30 day limit on billing protests. When he was finally finished, I politey asked him to calm down. Then I asked if I could protest my last bill since it was less than 30 days ago. He didn't even let me finish again, before he shouted at me that it was my fault for not reading the billing statements. I never did get a chance to explain what happened, and it was clear that he wouldn't let me. I asked if I could speak to his manager or someone else and he blew up again. I gave up.

I am seriously considering cancelling all of my service with Comcast simply because of the way I was treated. And they called me in the first place!!!

Hey people,

I'm a former "Comcast tech" or also known as a NuComm Int. employee. Where as I do agree with your oppinion of the customer support usually offered, there are some good techs at some centres(yes I'm Canadian). Now I am not excussing any techs actions I am merely saying they are not the biggest problem.

Comcast is a butt backwards company, they have certain rules they impose on their on phone techs. Depending on the market calling the restrictions vary and the main concern of which part I worked for is billing. Billing is also responsable for some/most of the tech support, which they don't focus much on in the training.

I left NuComm international due to their policies and inability to actually make any difference in the campaigns they keep. I was abhored by there lack of training and care towards actually helping the customer.

As a parting note all Comcast techs that come out (well most if not all) are third party techs, that are not truely employees of Comcast but are merely contracted out. The techs have a bad habit of skipping jobs, slacking and fudging paperwork.

Feel free to email me with any questions, in regards to procedures and policies and I will try to answer the best i can. Please no tech support questions.

Kyle Wyatt

I have been working as a Customer Service rep for Comcast for almost two years now and I just wanted to make a few suggestions to make any future issues go smoother. I've read all of these comments and some of these things are completely inexcusable and I understand your anger. Really, if I were some of you, I would just cancel services and be done with it. Anyways, just a few notes, I have done internet technical support, billing (which is also television troubleshooting), and sales. The most important thing is to try to remain calm, even as irritating as the hold music might be before you reach a representative, please just try to remain calm and civil unless the representative you are speaking to becomes rude to you, or pulls something that is worthy of rudeness, then go nuts. The biggest problem with call centers is if you reach someone and are angry, rude, and yelling from the get go, you are more likely to have less done for you and have a bad experience overall. I'm not saying this is right, but this is the reality of what happens a lot of the time. Also, please realize that you are speaking to the lowest link on the food chain, and even if you ask for a supervisor you aren't going to get much higher, therefore you are being handed down information and no matter how unfair it is, or how much you scream and yell and curse, you pretty much need to listen to what the person says and take it with a grain of salt. Even if you call in because your internet is not working and you know that there is nothing wrong with your equipment and you just need a technician, you have to follow the troubleshooting steps or else you will possibly be charged for a technician to come visit your home. Also, if you are in an outage, we do not know what happened, and we do not know when it will be back up. It's not because we're stupid, it's because we are not told. I know it is unfair, but it also isn't fair to spend an 8 hour shift being screamed at because the company you work for is too ignorant to tell you what is going on in Mobile, Alabama. Also, please realize that everything is not Comcast's fault. Earlier there was a comment about how there was something other the science fiction on the sci-fi channel, I hate to break it to you, but that has nothing to do with Comcast, that is the Sci-Fi channel who did that, not Comcast. There's nothing Comcast can do about it. Also, picture in picture, closed captioning, and anything to do with your VCR and DVD player have extremely limited troubleshooting and may not be resolved by contacting Comcast. Another very important tip: If you are contacting us about a bill, or any issue really, you should have a recent bill or something with your account number on it. This will save a lot of time. Sometimes phone numbers are incorrect on accounts, the account is in a spouses name, or even the address is entered into the system so oddly that it is almost impossible for us to find. At that point, there isn't much you as a customer can do except provide us with your account number. Without locating your account we can't help with billing, we can't send signals, we can't schedule technicians. Again, please understand this is not because of the individual but because of the company. Also, to avoid all these problems you can usually find the answers to your problems on under the FAQ's for internet service and for cable television issues, and to see the services available. Also, if you wish to file a complaint, get a promotion when you are an existing customer, or change any account information such as the name on the account, social security number, or driver's license number you need to contact your local office. You can find that information on under the Customers tab, then select 'Find a Payment Center'. I completely understand any frustrations with Comcast, but just remember, there's noone who would be more frustrated then the people who try to help you and have no way of being able to. We are out there. I'm not saying all representatives are great and want to help you more then have great call time, etc, but we are out there. And if you ever get me, I promise I will do everything I can to help you and will be happy to do so.

I have recently switched from regular phone to comcast digital phone. The entire process was horrible from the beginning. I believe that comcast trains their employees and contractors to lie to the customer. When I asked if I would have installation fees, I was told no. That was a lie. Whenever I call customer service, I am treated like I am stupid and spoken to with complete disrespect. Some of your representatives are downright rude and continually interrupt my sentences. I was told, just today, that bundles packages are not normally given to existing customers but an exception was made in my case. Boy did I feel special, considering I have been with comcast for nearly 20 years. I would hope that comcast would like to keep their existing customers, not alienate them. From now on I will tell everyone I know not to use comcast.I will be switching myself

dear company
i lost cable remote-control.and go pick up new one from 655 wise schaumburg.ill.
before i go.i make 2 phone call to get information.the first answer is no charge.the second answer is have to charge$5.but when i go pick up from there.they charge me$10 and no receipt give to me. but they told me if i found the original one .i can return and get money back.
few days ago i found old one and return the new one today.and want to collect money back. the office employee told me.they never charge the money.
it is very strange.your company employee cheat customer and maybe put the money in own pocket.

I am terribly upset with comcast right now. Your company stinks.....and thats putting it lightly. I have had nothing but trouble within the last month and there is no one to go to with all these problems. I guess Comcast has grown to big to fast and can't handle all the problems. Until a mountain of people go to someother cable television, Comcast will not do anything to better their customer service or their service. Ever since Comcast took over Adelphia, we have had nothing but TROUBLE..... If you would like to know what I have been through within the last month, just look at my account........ Only once did a person that I spoke to know something about how to fix my problem after waiting over a day for service and to top that off she (Lisa Badge #3837) fixed my problem over the phone. The other techs didn't even look into the problem.....That is very poor business. Why doesn't Comcast sell some of its company to a reliable source that will please people and someone that you can talk to when you have a cable problem and not have to wait for days to get it repaired.

I am an IT consultant and work out of my house. I have been a Comcast customer for 5-7 years at two different locations. Usually, my service is very reliable, if considerably slower than advertised. However, it has been more reliable than the DSL services I have tried, so I put up with it. I always recommend Comcast to my clients looking for home Internet service, under one condition, that it works consistently for the first three weeks. As with most providers, they over sell service and often in locations that aren't quite online yet. If it doesn't work right away, a string of techs will come out and may never fully resolve the issues, charging you the whole time. In the time I have been with Comcast, I have been using the same router/firewall configuration with no more than a few hiccups along the way. This weekend, my service kept dropping out, which is devastating to me, as I work a lot over the weekends. When the connection was still not working Monday morning, I took a deep breath and called customer service. The rep I got sent me through the regular SOP of restarting my computer and modem, disabling firewall, removing routers, and other useless troubleshooting steps. When none of that resolved our issue (as I explained it wouldn't), the next step proposed was to call Microsoft. I explained how I have 5 machines on the network and for all of them to fail at the same time was next to impossible, the response I got was, "do you want me to help you troubleshoot those?" Well, I was out of time and patience at this point. I requested an onsite tech, which the rep refused unless I was to pay $50 for the trip. Obviously, I declined. Later that day, when the service was still down, I called back. This time I received an automated message stating that there were outages in my area and they were working hard to resolve them, which just made sense. I understand that Customer Service(?) doesn't always get the most up to date info, and may not have been aware of the outages. I just want for them to listen to their customers, accept that sometimes it isn't the customer's fault (just maybe we know what we are talking about), not be soooo condescending, and if the SOP fails to identify the problem, not charge to send a tech.

Dear Customer Service,

Somehow my NFL Channel has been disconnected. Please reconnect as I need that channel for important information regarding my fantasy football league. I tried calling customer service but was waiting 25 minutes and counting.

Thank you

Christian B. Thomas

I too want everyone to know how horrible and frustrating dealing with Comcast customer service representatives are. They will tell you anything to get you off the phone, like a lady named Betty that answers the phone there. She didn't even bother to look up my information and kept telling me it was unavailable. She tried to refuse to allow me to talk to someone else because it would mean more work for her. Many other incidents occurred and I made 2 complaints to a supervisor that ended up being pointless. I decided that I would rather not have Internet service than to deal with those people at Comcast. Also, the technician kept saying they were coming to my apartment, but did not. The supervisor said they had noway of knowing if I was telling the truth or not.
Also, not to mention I had to wait three weeks until the next appointment became available.
I also have to say there were 2 reps that were very nice and seem to have paid a ttention in Customer service training. But this should be the norm, not the exception.

The absolute worst customer service I have experienced in 60 years..

When I called our local government to file aa complaint, the person responsible for taking the information for our county siad....

It's my job to take your report so I am happy to do it but.... I can telll you that you are wasting your time. Comcast is the worst.
I wish I had another choice....

Comcast has its own call centers but most of their work is done by convegys call centers that hires anyone and pay them nothing, when you treat people badly and dont pay enough to feed their family you get what you pay for.


I have the triple play from comcast, my phone and internet have been off and on since I got the service in april 07, today I called and spoke with a supervisor. He was rude and talked over me and then told me that it was not comcast fault that my phone was working, he stated I needed a new phone. I have bought 3 new phones and none of them work. He then starts to tell me how technology has changed and thats why my service is not working. He continually talked over me, my husband then took the phone and asked for corporate. The sup. took our name and number and said we would hear from corporate within 24 hours. I have never experienced such poor customer service. I cant wait until April 08 comcast will be inhaling my dust as I run to another provider.

COMCAST is very bad. They sent me a letter stating they were discontinuing the discount for bundled services. I thought perhaps this was a change in policy across the board. But, everytime you see advertising they are pushing special prices for bundled services. I learned this was only for new customers. If you are an existing customer, you are not entitled to the discount. Company is unbelievable. I read a comment from a someone that wrote in that stated they were told by a technician to cancel their services and sign back up as "new" customers, that this was the only way they could get the discount. Laughable.

Comcast may have a huge press blitz on regarding their “Big Push” to repair its image, unfortunately other than pay a good PR specialist I don’t think they have done anything to change their monopolistic user unfriendly ways. As a senior citizen I am on a limited income. The only time my TV is on is during football season yet the money grubbing, greedy monopoly that Comcast is insists that I pay over $70 a month just to get ESPN as part of a package that I don’t need any other channels from. These rates recently went up. How about a football package like the hockey package they offer. No. That wouldn’t get as much money into corporate hands.
We have to stop this monopoly and call for a cable customer’s bill of rights. We need protection from the constantly increasing rates for decreasing service.

Please return my PC to

Hey here is a view from inside the comcastic world and i'm here to tell you it sucks... I'm a tech for this not so wonderful company we as employee's even can't get the corp company to move on things that we know needs to be done. Long story short you should see the idoits that run the jacson/rankin ms office. One of our bosses i know sits in his/her office from 8am to about 11:00am looking at porn and shopping on the internet then goes home for lunch thats the end of that person day. So do you think they care about you? NO!! They hire techs right off the street as long as they can pass a drug screen one time. Read between the lines there. I have seen it and these fools are out on the road in these comcast trucks driving with you while they are high as a kite. As long as comcast keeps getting your money for half butt services thats what your going to get till you "the customers" stand up to city and county goverments and demand a new cable company to take over yes you can vote comcast out as long as comcast is not slipping them under the table IE "paying the city and county heads your money to keep them there" Sad world we live in these days.


in the past few weeks my contact with comcast on my computer has been none existent. Probably at least 10 daya or moreI have not have service. I am paying for full time and am not pleased.

She deserved the Bitch Dog name. She kept calling in and demanding a supervisor (big no no)for no reason. She was always screaming at workers and stressing everyone out. Don't mess with the workers at comcast. They have all of your personal info and can screw you over 9 ways from Sunday. I'm serious. Imagine calling your cable provider and yelling at them or treating the person on the phone like "the help" or like you would treat a pee-on and then a couple of months or years later you realize that someone from "somewhere" has stolen you ID and has ran up crazy bills that YOU have to repay. Think twice and BE NICE!

I have had spotty service from comcast ever since they took over from Time Warner Cable. I have wanted to disconnect my service but there has not been a real alternative. My bill recently increased from $120 a month to $185 a month. This was due to increases in the internet and cable service. The representative said that I could get what I have now plus phone service for $129. I don't want phone service, so he said that I would have to pay $185...

Fortunately there is now an alternative. AT&T has started a new service called uverse... they let you have digital tv service and internet without phone... for less, it looks excellent. I have ordered the new service and will be switching soon. Hopefully I can say goodbye to Comcast permanantly... I will say that I do miss the old Time Warner Cable. Their representatives seemed to be empowered to help, and common sense seemed to exist in their organization.

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This page contains a single entry by Rich Tehrani published on August 18, 2005 5:57 PM.

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