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Content Directions MultiLink Dropdown Menus

I’ve met with Epygi executives on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with their knowledge of web technology… Not just VoIP but Internet technology like RSS feeds, etc. It came as no surprise to see that the company pioneered a new way of advertising. Before reading this release I happened upon their Selecting VoIP Solutions channel on TMCnet and noticed their ads are amazing. If you mouse over one, you have a window into what appears to be their entire website. This sort of ad gives the user phenomenal control over where they go to get more information.

Lets say you want to get pricing, you can mouse over multi-level menus until you get to the pricing information. Alternatively you can see benefits by product, go to the Contacts page or the News page, etc. This really empowers users and allows them to determine their own destiny. In my opinion it has to increase click through rates.

The problem with web ads today is that they force you to go where the advertiser wants you to go. Apparently Epygi is using some new technology to make this happen. They are working with a company called Content Direction Inc who has a technology named Digital Object Identifier (DOI) allowing you to have MultiLink (the trademarked name they use) dropdown menus on traditional banner and button ads.

I think this is a breakthrough in web advertising and gives users more control. This is a truly win-win scenario for the advertising and user community. Thank you Epygi for bringing this new technology to our attention.

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