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CrystalVoice Customer

Here is a release that doesn't tell you who the customer is. Normally I would delete this sort of release as there isn't much news if you don' know the customer. I am only sharing because I have met with CrystalVoice and know them. Not too well, but well enough. I wonder who the service provider is.

CrystalVoice licenses voice over internet software For Consumer Services

Consumers to Have Access to CrystalVoice's "Enterprise Class" Voice Over Internet Solution

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - March 1, 2005 - CrystalVoice Communications, Inc. (, a leading provider of Internet protocol (IP) voice communications solutions for the enterprise, today announced that the company has licensed its Voice Over Internet (VOI) software to a major provider of consumer services. The worldwide license will allow the licensee to create and offer to millions of consumers services that utilize CrystalVoice's award winning Acoustic QoS technology.

Although the licensee's name will not be disclosed until the launch of its services, this is a major milestone in CrystalVoice's history.

During the past several years, enterprises around the world have licensed CrystalVoice software to provide enhanced communications capabilities to support remote and mobile employees, contact centers, branch to branch communication, international operations and eCommerce. Marketed through a large and rapidly expanding global reseller network as well as a U.S. based direct sales force, CrystalVoice products have earned a reputation for consistent quality, reliability, security and scalability.

"Today's announcement is a significant event in our company's evolution. The agreement serves as a testimonial to the unique capabilities of our technology," said Steve Zola, president and CEO of CrystalVoice. "We are excited to be working with a significant, well-established partner to bring our enterprise-class VOI product to the consumer market."

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