Dating On-Demand

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Dating On-Demand

I was reading this article today about dating on demand and how Comcast is experimenting with this technology allowing anyone to see the video dating listings but only those people that subscribe to the on-demand service can actually see the videos.

The article implies that the market for such services will be small and while I agree it seems any company from to eHarmony can have video personals. If they have them already – consider me late to the party.

One of the complaints I hear from my single friends is that when they meet someone in person that they met through a dating service, they rarely look like their photo. I suppose a combination of showing a video of your prospective date and then videoconferencing with them prior to meeting might actually make dating less time consuming.

The whole concept of online dating is amazing because we seem to be heading into a world where you will pick a mate almost exclusively online. You will be able to scan a person’s video, have a videoconference with them and size them up before you even have to get in a car to go to a restaurant.

It seems to take the chance encounter aspect of dating out of the equation altogether and if anything makes dating a more sterile and boring place. On the other hand, we’ve all had our share of totally blind dates that we would love to have avoided altogether.

So the point is that dating technology is improving. I see more and more CTOs of dating companies coming to TMC shows like Internet Telephony Conference & Expo and VoIP Developer. They are coming to learn how to put VoIP into their systems… Experiment with video and make the dating experience better. Will the dating industry help popularize the use of video in corporations? It seems that if the next-gen dating services have their way, they certainly will.

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