Day 3 of VoIP Developer

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Day 3 of VoIP Developer

So far the day is going very well. Please check For recent photos. I am in the AOL session now and am learning about the future of AIM Phoneline which consists of enhanced services such as seeing the caller's city. There is nomadic 911 built in as well.

There is more but duty calls and I need to check on other sessions. Bob Liu is here in the room and will have an article on TMCnet later today.

There is a lot of energy at this show and thanks to the attendees, sponsors and exhibitors for making this event so successful. Special thanks to FOX News TV for being here yesterday and interviewing exhibitors. Hats off to the TMC team for allowing this show to operate so smoothly. I just can't wait for the exhibit hall to open today.
By the way I am counting the Avaya Developer Day as Day 1 while everyone else seems to be counting yesterday as day one. That is why I call this Day 3 and others Day 2. bottom line -- every day has been a good day so far.

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