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Dialogic Repairs

I just got this e-mail and since I wasn't aware of companies that make Dialogic repairs, I figured others aren't aware either. So I decided to pass along this e-mail. I hope this information helps you. Good Luck.


Just read your article on Dialogic and Eicon. Did not know about the sale from Intel. My company, C.A.T.E., Inc, has been repairing dialogic cards for various distributors after the cards were rejected by Intel as non-repairable. We have seen over 400 cards and are running at about a 70% success rate. This has been a bit difficult to accomplish, since we can not obtain the board schematics. So the more we see the better we get. If you know of anyone that could use our services, please feel free to refer. And I'll keep reading your articles.

Thomas Harcus
C.A.T.E., Inc
603-382-0720  Tel.
603-382-5384  Fax

Tom@Cate-Inc.com  Email
  Email Web

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