Do Not Call List Hurts MCI

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Do Not Call List Hurts MCI

MCI (chart) sales recently fell 10% in the 4th quarter. Revenue from consumer and small business customers dropped a full 21%! Long-distance subscriber counts are the reason according to MCI. Perhaps every Vonage user was once using MCI?

Seriously, the company blames its inability to use telemarketing as a reason for their decrees in new customer acquisition. While every VoIP provider is using the Internet more and more to attract customers, where are the MCI ads online? If they are running them I don't recall seeing them. I see Lingo, Vonage, CallVantage, Packet8... But where is MCI?

Doesn’t the company own UUNET? Doesn't UNET have something to do with the Internet? Last I checked, it did. Hello MCI, remember that whole dotcom thing? Well your competitors are using this "dotcom thing" now to get new customers. Now is a great time to explore the web as a way to get new customers as well.

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