Driving in LA

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Driving in LA

I am traveling this week and am on vacation/work. It is a little bit of both but more of the former. California is treating me well. The weather is great but they tell me it is hotter than normal. I have attended about four family parties so far and I have a few more to go. I have a huge (really huge) family and will be getting together with about 20-30 of my cousins tonight. I am looking forward to it.

The famous California traffic hasn’t been too bad except for the three block drive that took 30 minutes. Thankfully that only happened once.

The people in California seem very nice – oddly they aren’t as nice on the road as merging into another lane in LA is much more difficult that in Connecticut or even NYC. On my last trip to Minnesota (which was also my first) people told me it isn’t uncommon to see four people at a four-way stop sign waiting for 10 minutes while waiving each other to go. I am sure the story is exaggerated a bit but nonetheless it is a great contrast to LA.

OK, there is some substance in this post. I heard that a DSP board vendor will likely be purchasing a Texas based session border controller company. This could be old news but if it is, see the first sentence.

Regardless of whether you are working or on vacation I hope you have a safe and happy summer.
update: I just received the official news.

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