Dvorak Bashes VoIP

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Dvorak Bashes VoIP

Nothing like a little controversy to make life interesting. In this case the controversy comes courtesy of John Dvorak of PC Magazine. Dvorak was a keynoter at a TMC event a few years back. He is wise and entertaining and is brimming with enthusiasm. He is also probably the most famous Microsoft basher I know. Recently Dvorak decided to write a negative VoIP article and this was a big mistake for a number of reasons. The first reason is Tom Keating, who basically recalled an earlier positive VoIP story from Dvorak. Here is Tom's post: Galitzine vs. Dvorak on VoIP.

The second reason is Greg Galitzine the humorous and dedicated Editorial Director of Internet Telephony Magazine.

Here is an excerpt of his heated comments:

I’m frustrated by such dismissals that mask the fact that VoIP is steadily getting entrenched out there in the real world. The day is coming when the total minutes of voice carried over IP will outstrip the total minutes of voice traffic over traditional circuit-switched lines. (And frankly, few outside of our industry will either notice or even care when that day comes.)

People tend to forget that the VoIP revolution is more of an evolution, based on lower costs, increased choices for consumers, and the promise of services that will make our lives more productive. VoIP is simply a better, more efficient, less expensive way to transport calls, and oh, by the way, since it’s IP you have that ever-present applications promise.

When people tell us, “Go to bed… Drink your milk… Eat your vegetables,” we need to nod politely and go about our business of building an industry. And one day, when no one’s paying attention, we’ll reach that magic place “a long way off.” As teenagers who become adults, so too will plain old telephony morph into Internet telephony.

Here is the Dvorak VoIP blog. Greg is pretty funny and a great writer. You will enjoy his writing style.

As far as John Dvorak goes... John, c'mon. You know better. VoIP rocks! It isn't perfect but then again your magazine is titled "PC Magazine" and in 20 years we can't seem to make a PC that doesn't crash. Is PC adoption a long way off because computers crash or software and operating systems are of poor quality? No, just like a PC, VoIP solves problems -- different problems for different people. As Greg points out, it's a young industry... Give us some time. Some air to breathe. We are growing up quickly and I bet PCs will still be crashing when we are all using VoIP.

One last point John. I challenge you to a point-counterpoint duel to be published in Internet Telephony and if you like, PC Magazine. Do you accept?

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