FCC Martin on Broadband

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FCC Martin on Broadband

David Isenberg has a great post on the FCC and Kevin Martin’s priorities. Apparently Martin says that broadband is the number priority of the FCC.

Here are some key quotes:

Getting broadband rules right "will involve not only making sure we have the right regulatory framework for that infrastructure, but addressing issues like what are the services that ride over that infrastructure and what are the social obligations that go along with that like the expectation that people have to connect to local public safety officials."

"The free market is a better way for delivering innovation to consumers," he said. "The most important role of government in that sense is setting an environment in which the benefits of that free market can flow to consumers."

All I can say is thank you Chairman Martin. We in the VoIP world can breathe a sigh of relief as without broadband competition – which is of course what I assume is meant by all of this, we can’t truly enjoy  the full benefits of VoIP. Between my satellite entry and now this I have high hopes for the future. Sure Martin says that broadband has been the priority all along but this renewed commitment is what is exciting for the market as a whole.

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