Federal Excise Tax Ended

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Federal Excise Tax Ended

I am a bit late on the news here but am glad the federal excise tax is finally being ended. There has to be a better way to tax us than to micro tax everything different percentages. Hopefully ending this tax will start a chain reaction of ridiculous taxes being ended.

For example the gas guzzler tax is not one that makes sense. The tax is buying the gas and that is bad enough. Let's end that one too.

It seems odd that some things get taxed and others don't. We need a fair system that taxes everything equally so the government doesn't favor one industry over another.

Perhaps the one tax I would keep is on tobacco products as the goal should be to keep people healthier. I would likely institute a big tax on gambling as well (sorry Vegas, Mohegan Sun, etc).

It should be noted that there are probably 10+ better ways to reduce fuel consumption than the gas guzzler tax.

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