FMC or Fixed Mobile Convergence

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FMC or Fixed Mobile Convergence

As much as I would like to go, I won't make CTIA this year. I have been deluged with product pitches since I am on the press list and most of the pitches seemed boring or just not a fit for my various beats. This pitch seemed exciting so I decided to pass it along. I hope I have some time to touch base with the company because this seems really interesting.

I will be honest, I never heard of fixed-mobile convergence but am happy there is a new telecom acronym for my IP Telephony Dictionary ;-) BTW if you purchased the new edition released at ITEXPO Miami expecting this term to be in there, no refunds. Sorry :-)


Outsmart Ltd. a provider of complete fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) and intelligent networks based solutions, would like to meet with you at CTIA in New Orleans, LA, to introduce its product the SmartFMCTM solution.

Analysts predict that fixed mobile convergence (FMC) will be the strongest trend in telecommunications in the next three years.

Outsmart ( brings the benefits of mobile telephony into the fixed environment, irrespective of location, access technology and terminals and provides a complete convergence of services, networks and devices to both fixed and mobile users today. It allows operators to enter and dominate the VoIP market.

SmartFMC meets the business and technological convergence needs of the communications community. Integrating SIP-based telephony (VoIP) into the mobile core network, SmartFMC allows fixed phones to appear to the mobile network as if they were mobile phones. The fixed-phone therefore provides all the services and benefits of mobile telephony such as virtual private network, prepaid, voicemail, ring-back tones, SMS, multimedia messaging services and address book. Likewise, SmartFMC enables mobile operators to extend the core network to offer fixed telephony services based on VoIP. Users may access through ADSL, cable modem, WiFi, WLAN, or other broadband IP connections across a variety of VoIP terminals. These include IP-phones, soft phones running on PC or PDA, POTS with ATA or Dual Mode (GSM+WLAN) mobile phones.

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