GENBAND's KandyMobile comes to NYC

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GENBAND's KandyMobile comes to NYC

GENBAND's Kandy communications Platform-as-a-Service solution recently celebrated its one-year anniversary by bringing its KandyMobile vehicle to popular nightclub, LIGHTBOX in New York City on September 30, 2015. Kandy allows any developer to embed real-time communications into their applications fairly easily but more importantly, the solutions subsequently become carrier-grade.


They had a number of interesting demos at the event. SkywriterMD (above) had its demo on the bus pictured at the start of this post. I beleive it was my first time in a vehicle where the side extends outward to create an impressively large living area. The demo was quite impressive as well - allowing a doctor to have his notes transcribed in realtime by an agent on the other end, saving time and money.

Thanks to financial pressure from insurance companies and government involvment, in the last 15 years, doctors have had to jam more and more appointments into a day to generate the income they need. Subsequently, as a patient, you have likely felt more like livestock than human when you enter the waiting room. Technology could help alleviate such challenges facing the medical profession.

Inside LIGHTBOX, I saw a demo of T+Ink, revolutionary ink which has capacitive, conductive properties allowing printed materials such as business cards to be read by smartphones, tablets and kiosks. Your finger and body's energy powers the solution. Safer than RFID and other systems, which can be hacked, the ink is low-cost and relies on physical contact with the screen. The demo I witnessed, showed how a card touched to a screen of a device running a a specific app, could bring up a live agent on a kiosk to help answer questions.

There are many ways to use this ink but it seems most obvious that traditional business cards could be printed with this ink, allowing them to be touched to a smartphone screen and instantly bring up the contents of the card. Perhaps there could be integration with Apple and Android contacts on a smartphone or even LinkedIn.

To learn more about the technology, see this article by Steve Anderson which lives on a TMC-powered online community.

Here is the card which had the ink which could not be seen

When held against the screen, it is read by an app to produce the colors seen below. The card is in the lower right-hand corner and was momentarily touched to the screen before being moved so this photo could be taken.


Here is a complete list of participants:

There are ecosystem wars taking place, meaning, so many companies are spending time, energy and effort to ensure their specific solutions become the hub which is relied upon by other companies. The more partners a platform has, the more appealing it becomes. For example, the Facebook app on smartphones makes the smartphone essential and as the devices get better, their value becomes greater for all the ecosystem players. Video game apps are just one area to consider. Apple's latest 6s is so blazingly fast, app developers will more easily be able to compete with console-based products. Massive performance improvements in Cupertino's devices and of course the same could be said for Samsung, Asus, etc. translates into a more enticing development platform and a larger ecosystem.

GENBAND understands this concept and is doing its best to grow its ecosystem of partners as well. Mobile events like this are very expensive but they show the company's committment to partners while generating interest in regional areas. If the NY event is an indication, it seems like a successful endeavor.


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