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George Ou on ITEXPO

ZDNET’s George Ou was nice enough to moderate one of the sessions at ITEXPO a few weeks back titled The Great Open Source VoIP Debate. His open source VoIP article details the session. The panel included Mark Spencer, creator of Asterisk and CEO of Digium; Bill Rich, CEO of Pingtel; and Alan Hawrylyshen, CTO of Jasomi Networks. As George points out, these are some of the key players in the industry.

I attended a dinner with Digium’s founder Mark Spencer where he mentioned IAX is a much simpler protocol than SIP allowing the signaling and payload in a single packet. George mentions IAX in his column and goes into some detail. It is worth reading as this new protocol was responsible for some interesting dinner conversation. Mark says the protocol is better than SIP. Others say we don't need a new protocol.

Overall George did a great job detailing the session and I would like to send him special thanks for speaking a mere two days before his baby was born Congratulations George and we are looking forward to inviting you back to future TMC events.

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