GN 8120 USB

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GN 8120 USB

Sometimes the simplest of products are the most important. GN Netcom has invented lots of new products and technologies but perhaps their simplest one will become the most popular.

I recently witnessed their GN 8120 USB headset adapter, a simple 3-button devices allowing you to take advantage of some VoIP features without the need to interact with the computer. Buttons can perform different functions such as picking up the phone or hanging up. A two-button combo can stand for 911, and you can program the buttons as you see fit. These devices work with all GN Netcom headsets. They have long cords and work with phones from Avaya, Cisco and others.

The need for such a device is obvious in situations where workers are using soft clients. The addition of an external device allows workers quick access to voicemail, emergency notification and just plain picking up the phone when it rings. Currently, using a soft client, when a phone rings, you have to go through levels of security just to answer it. This usually means missing the call. An external device is a perfect companion for VoIP and soft clients in a corporate or home setting where quick access to phone features is desired.

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