IMS is our Future

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IMS is our Future

This article will be a portion of my first column in Volume 1, Issue 1 in the new TMC launch, IMS Magazine.


Never before in my history in the telecom space have so many agreed on something so quickly. IMS is supposed to take over the world. It will unify wireless, wireline and all communications like never before. It will allow small developers to develop applications and deploy them to networks with millions of subscribers overnight. It will allow companies to make their workers more productive, give central control of telephony and allow communications to be based on contacting a person, not an army of disparate devices and phone numbers.

I have joked when I keynote various conferences that the last time so many people agreed on something so rapidly, it was OS/2. Surprisingly, as I am one of the few who have made potentially negative public comments on IMS, I have also decided to launch the first IMS publication in the world. Why?

The reason is that IMS holds tremendous promise for service providers and customers. It unifies what is now disparate. It ties together what is now uncoupled. It has the potential to solve many telecom problems and increase flexibility and connectivity.

These goals are utopian but technologies like VoIP and SIP have allowed us to have a platform on which we can make the leap to IMS. Telecom utopia is what we as an industry should strive for. Of course customers are willing to pay for utopia... We have a bright future as a telecom industry; we will have customers spending more to get more.

But how do we get our customers in larger numbers, how do we get new customers to convert to your IMS systems and what solutions should you be purchasing and deploying?

These questions are what you will find answered in each issue of IMS Magazine. This publication will be the world's resource on how service providers will make the next billion dollars plus. As the industry publication we are the cheerleaders of IMS and the evangelists. At the same time we promise to detail the drawbacks and pitfalls that need to be solved allowing this new telecom opportunity to take off and generate happier customers and tremendous amounts of new sales.

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