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SBC, AT&T Merge?

January 27, 2005

Om Malik sums up nicely the talks between SBC and AT&T which were reported also by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times this AM. With the purchase of AT&T, SBC would have a better entry into the business market as well as making the company a national brand. The way I see it, they can also continue to run with the CallVantage product. Rumors of Vonage being acquired have been circulating for over a year as well.

Inauguration Fund

January 26, 2005

i2Telecom Deploys Kagoor

January 26, 2005

Session border controller makers are selling lots of products meaning this niche is as hot as most every other one in the VoIP space. Nice going Kagoor.


i2Telecom Deploys Kagoor Networks' Session Border Controllers To Enable Global VoIP Using Unique VoiceStick

Provides simplified configuration and security for VoIP calls via portable Internet phone device

SAN MATEO, CA AND ATLANTA, GA - January 26, 2005 - Kagoor Networks announced today that i2Telecom International, Inc. (OTCBB: ITUI), an emerging leader in voice/data communications technology for the Internet, has deployed Kagoor's VoiceFlow(tm) 1000 series session border controller in a high-availability, redundant configuration to deliver global VoIP service over its SIP-based network. Kagoor helps i2Telecom's customers to instantly make domestic and international long distance calls via the Internet using its recently announced VoiceStick(tm) portable Internet phone device.

VoIP Doesn't Work?

January 26, 2005

Gotta love ZDnet. Sensationalism sells... We all know this but are they taking it too far? They ran an article recently titled, VoIP: Has the dream of convergence failed? I am not sure what the point of the story is except to reiterate what everyone knows -- that data networks aren't as reliable as voice networks yet. Sure convergance is not perfect but I think using the term "failed" and "VoIP" together may be a bit premature.

Ebbers on Trial

January 26, 2005

Vonexus Connection Wrap Up

January 25, 2005

I am finished up with my speech at Vonexus Connection and am ready to head to the airport soon. The venue for this event could not have been more perfect as it is in Las Vegas (actually nearby Summerlin) but at least 30 minutes from the strip. The exact location is a the JW Marriot. I am pretty impressed with the hotel...

Packet8 VideoPhone

January 24, 2005

I got to thinking lately that one of the very suggestions I made to service providers has been successfully implemented and sold by Packet8 for over a year. I have been encouraging service providers to strive to provide consumer electronic devices such as cool new WiFi phones as differentiators. What an amazingly sticky way of providing service if these devices don’t work with other VoIP providers. Of course I am in no way discouraging SIP and open standards but I am a realist.

Sennheiser PXC 250

January 24, 2005

The people at Sennheiser were nice enough to send TMC a pair of their PXC 250 noise canceling headphones for review and I had the pleasure of using them on a trip out to Las Vegas. Quite simply I am not sure how I traveled without this nifty gadget before. Frequently throughout the trip I took the headphones off and marveled at how loud reality really is. In addition the headset is light and small, perhaps half the size or less than the bulkiest units on the market.

JFK in the Snow

January 24, 2005

I'm on my way to Las Vegas for the Vonexus connection keynote I am doing tomorrow and I can tell you JFK is the last place you want to be if like clean sidewalks and calm. It is pandemonium here. Thankfully, I found a quiet nook where I can type and spy on my gate as there is some sort of delay. I am not sure how much longer I will have to wait but I picked up some magazines and Jon Stewart's "America" for the flight.

Google VoIP

January 24, 2005

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