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VoIP and Consumer Electronics Blur

January 6, 2005

The line between what we call the VoIP industry and consumer electronics blurred further this morning with the announcement of Uniden entering the VoIP market, more specifically WiFi telephony otherwise known as wireless VoIP. According to Uniden: The Uniden UIP1868 is a 5.8GHz digital expandable cordless phone with built-in VoIP adapter, expandable up to ten handsets, allowing consumers to experience the extended features, convenience and affordability of VoIP communication in every room of their homes.
 My prediction of the iPOD like VoIP consumer electronics device may become a dream if there are now dozens of WiFi telephony phones available now but then again there were dozens of MP3 players around before Apple invented the iPOD and somehow companies like Creative Labs (I am certainly dating myself... They are just called Creative these days) are playing catch-up in a market they used to dominate.

Vonage Passes 400,000 VoIP User Mark

January 5, 2005

The biggest VoIP news at CES and perhaps the biggest news in general is Vonage passing the 400,000 subscriber mark. this is extremely impressive and goes to show you how well VoIP is doing and how consumers are adopting this...

Z-Tel is now Trinsic

January 5, 2005

Ebay, Dell and Sirius in VoIP? You Decide

January 5, 2005

Someone is either looking for a lawsuit or has a great way to generate revenue using VoIP for brand-name companies. The following URLs were picked up yesterday:costcovoip.comcoxvoip.comdellvoip.comebayvoip.comexcelvoip.comgatesvoip.comgolfvoip.commcivoip.comsiriusvoip.comA company called EWorldPartners (eWP) USA recently registered these and they list the following...

Where is the Broadband Competition?

January 5, 2005

If you want to read about the depressing state of telecom in the US then please click on Bells dig in to dominate high-speed Internet Realm. The ILECs are killing competition in the country and the government is going along as a willing accomplice. The question remains, is it fair to force the Bells to share fiber that they go through great expense to lay down. I am beginning to think more and more that the answer is 100% yes.

Abramson's VoIP Tech Toys Arm Merchants

January 5, 2005

Andy Abramson is exactly right when he talks about the tech toys arms merchants as where the industry is going. If we have learned one thing in the last few years its that even when times are tough consumers are...

Cordless and VoIP Phone in one

January 5, 2005

Consumer VoIP Summit

January 5, 2005

I have written frequently about the merging of VoIP with consumer electronics and how service providers should be looking at the Apple model of selling service via slick devices. When we talk of convergence everyone thinks of something different from...

Can a Telephone System Be Sexy?

January 4, 2005

Can a telephone system be sexy? Well that is the argument of TMCnet Channel author Greg Pisano who writes Telephone Systems Can Be Sexy. I have to admit, this caught my attention. Quite a headline. But can they really be,...

Vonage WiFi Telephony News From CES

January 4, 2005

Recently engadget reported that Vonage has a WiFi phone, the F-1000. I expect a number of WiFi telephony announcements to come from CES. I recently blogged about new WiFi telephony chips which will make designing WiFi telephony devices as easy...
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