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Skype Community

January 16, 2005

A number of dating services are exploring adding VoIP to their offerings as it makes perfect sense to allow people to prospective dates to speak with each other and not give out their phone numbers. For dating services, VoIP is just another moneymaker but if you buy into my ideas about us being on the verge of new paradigms in VoIP which I call VoIP 2.0, you will see that VoIP allows a number of totally new business models to emerge.

I read an article today titled Single and Skype?

VoIP Your McOrder

January 15, 2005

It is amazing to see how much VoIP has helped call centers evolve into the IP contact center and further allows organizations to dramatically improve customer service while reducing cost. VoIP is to the contact center in this decade what the ACD was in the eighties and the predictive dialer was in the nineties. As IP contact center technology evolves, low tech industries we don't associate with VoIP start to catch on to the notion of using packet based technology to allow their business to improve while lowering overhead.

The drive through window is something we don't associate with high tech and worse yet many of us associate ordering from a drive through as a necessary evil.

Keynoting the Vonexus Connection Conference

January 14, 2005

Recently I was honored by Vonexus and invited to be a keynote speaker at their first-ever Vonexus Connection Conference. Vonexus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interactive Intelligence with some impressive technology. The conference is targeted at resellers and will be held in Las Vegas. Hopefully you can come out and see me speak.

This is what I will be covering:

VoIP 2.0: The Future of IP Telephony

Rich Tehrani, VoIP evangelist and industry luminary will be discussing the transition of VoIP from its infancy to where we are now… VoIP 2.0.

The Best VoIP Investments in 2005

January 14, 2005

I get this question a lot. Where would you invest in the VoIP space? How would you position yourself to profit from the hyper-growth of the voice over IP market? I figured a column on the topic made senses so I could share my thoughts with hundreds of thousands of people instead of just a few at a time.

VoIP Market To See 100% Growth in 2005

January 14, 2005

It is now official... We are now 100% higher in pre-registered attendance for Internet Telephony Conference & Expo on a year-over-year basis, the same number of days out. To put that in perspective, this is what was said in the VoIP Industry about our Miami show last year (February 2004):

"This place is a mad house"
- Debora Glennon, Nortel Networks

Ready For Voip?

January 14, 2005

Ruggedized WiFi VoIP

January 14, 2005

Tom Keating made some great VoIP predictions in his blog recently and one of them came to mind this AM when I happened upon a new product, the mNode300 from Telabria, a ruggedized WiFi access point with a separate radio for backhauling network traffic. This device is aimed at students and other public sector locations. Tom's prediction about this topic is below:

7) Colleges ramp up on VoIP
When I was in college 11 years ago they just added Ethernet to the dorm rooms.

Cisco Services Push

January 14, 2005

VoIP Security: Who Will Be The Next T-Mobile?

January 14, 2005

Today's hot topic is VoIP security and while there haven't been any huge break-ins into VoIP systems that I am aware of I am aware that according to the WSJ, T-Mobile recently had their computers broken into and customer names and social security numbers were accessed. The bold section below doesn't sound too good but I must admit I slept through much of history class so if there was s a day we went over "mutual assistance legal treaties," I was either dreaming or absent.

Cisco's Urge To Merge in VoIP

January 13, 2005

There was a time in 1998-2000 that Cisco's Peter Alexander would walk TMC expos looking for acquisition targets. Cisco acquired a number of telecom companies at the time -- from unified messaging to contact center players. I lost touch with Peter around the time the bubble burst and don't know who handles telecom acquisitions these days. Whoever is in charge...

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