Intel VoIP Happenings

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Intel VoIP Happenings

Lots of interesting things are happening over at Intel. They have a really interesting array microphone that allows more life-like conferencing. Diamondware has integrated with the microphone technology and their 3-d and stereo conferencing solutions. They're doing their best to further interoperability standards in areas such as SIP where there are so many different proprietary extensions.

They are working on an extension to 802.11e to make WiFi Telephony better. They have their hands in the dual mode market as well. An interesting statistic that came up in my meeting with Intel execs recently is that 30% of cell phone calls at home are of poor quality. Sounds like a great reason for universal dual mode adoption to me.

Other interesting news: Their next PC platform could be able to handle six-party conferencing without any additional hardware. In general the company loves VoIP and for good reason. They are selling chips into PCs, mobile devices, PDAs and more. As you can imagine, they love softphones such as Skype.

IMO they can be a really big help in making sure SIP interoperability really happens end-to-end.

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