ITEXPO: 5,000 Registered and Counting

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ITEXPO: 5,000 Registered and Counting

I just checked the database of registrations and what an active database it is. People are registering faster than one per minute... They are pouring in. What is more interesting to me is the fact that these registrations are not only Florida based. I see registrations in the last hour from Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Texas, Mexico, New Jersey and a ton from the west coast -- both southern and especially northern California. I hope the flooding out in the LA area doesn’t hamper people's travel plans and I wish all of you a safe flight out to the show.

Amazingly we have just under 5,000 people registered for the show. I have no idea how many people will register onsite but we are braced for record registrations. To save yourself time please register online at

I am blown away at how much show news there is already and we haven't even opened the exhibits... They open tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 2/23) at 6:15 PM. Make sure to check out the
ITEXPO show buzz page and TMCnet regularly so you know what is going on.

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon. I am getting ready to moderate a panel in less than two hours titled SIP's Role in Open-Source. It is part of the Open-Source Telephony workshop. My panelists are Al Brisard from Pingtel, Alan Percy from AudioCodes, Christian Stredicke from SNOM and Daniel Petrie from the SIP Foundry.

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