ITEXPO Now 70 Countries Strong!

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ITEXPO Now 70 Countries Strong!

My wife is from Argentina and her family went to Punta Del Este every summer. Kind of like us east-coasters going to the Hamptons. I have been there; it is beautiful. It is part of Uruguay actually, the next county over from Argentina. My wife and I have had a discussion or two about going to "Punta" again but since it is a 10 hour trip I have been a bit hesitant.

Interestingly Uruguay has been a joke around the office because it is the only country in Latin America that didn't register for our show. Common jokes in the office are I'll give a hundred San Joses (registrations) for a Uruguay.

I just checked the registration database and there was the magical record at 4:52 PM EST on Friday before the show. The person's title is Systems Architect & Developer and I think he represents a service provider. My Spanish isn't too good so I am not able to understand the site too well.

We are officially at 70 countries as we got a few registrations from some new countries in Africa this week. Pretty exciting. When I picked Miami as a home for this show I did it because it was much warmer than Connecticut in the winter. Now Internet Telephony Conference & Expo has become a location for a thriving worldwide VoIP event. I can't wait to greet the world next week in Miami.

Until then:

auf Wiedersehen
tot ziens
au revoir
kwa heri
gis la revido
selamat tinggal

gut bai

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