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It has been an incredible week and I can tell you now that the excitement level in VoIP has never been so great. People from over 70 countries came to ITEXPO this week and the attendees were hungry for information. Exhibitors told me that many of these people weren't neophytes. Many had already implemented VoIP and were looking for other voice components such as QoS monitoring to put in their network. Others knew what to ask for and were far along the buying process.

If there was one theme at the show it was "crowded," which to me is a great barometer of how much buying is going on in our industry. This is not hype, this is real market research done by asking many of the exhibitors if they are selling product. They are.

A staggering amount of deals were done on the show floor and one session border controller company who requested anonymity sold a million dollar order this week and collected over 50 other hot prospects -- some worth potentially more! There seems to be lots of growth in this segment of the market.

I could go on but it is simple enough to say that every exhibitor was thrilled with the quality and quantity of attendance. We hade a tremendous amount of people and in this massive audience was enough enterprise decision makers, service providers, VARs and developer to keep every exhibitor happy.

We have a very diverse audience in VoIP, the most diverse of any event in the space and achieving this level of satisfaction is something unexpected. I have to thank the team at TMC for pulling this off as well as to many of you that participated in the event all week.

Nothing makes me happier than to see our market grow to where it is today. I still remember deciding to launch Internet Telephony Magazine in 1997 when there were few sales taking place and now we have a multi-billion dollar industry that is thriving.

I promised many of you to share my term now but I can't only due to the fact that I simply need a nap and I don' want to write something quick and dirty. I am going to try to get a few winks as my pillow and I have been strangers all week. It is my sincere hope to write about the term and its implications this weekend so stay tuned and have a great weekend and a safe trip back home, to whichever state or country you came from!

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