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VoIP in 89 Countries

January 31, 2006

VoIP is indeed becoming more international by the day. In fact at the recent ITEXPO show in Ft. Lauderdale, 89 countries were represented. Thank you all for attending Internet Telephony Conference & Expo and making the event the one place you come to make purchasing decisions. Thanks to all the people that came to the event from the following countries:

1 Albania
2 Angola
3 Argentina
4 Australia
5 Austria
6 Bahamas
7 Bahrain
8 Bangladesh
9 Barbados
10 Belgium
11 Bermuda
12 Bolivia
13 Brazil
14 Burkina-Faso
15 Cameroon
16 Canada
17 Chile
18 China Peoples Rep
19 Colombia
20 Costa Rica
21 Cyprus
22 Dominica
23 Dominican Republic
24 Ecuador
25 Egypt (Arab Rep of)
26 El Salvador
27 Estonia
28 Finland
29 France
30 Germany
31 Ghana
32 Guadeloupe
33 Guatemala
34 Guyana
35 Haiti
36 Honduras
37 Hong Kong
38 Iceland
39 India
40 Indonesia
41 Iran
42 Ireland Republic of
43 Israel
44 Italy
45 Ivory
46 Jamaica
47 Japan
48 Kenya
49 Korea South-Rep. of
50 Kuwait
51 Lebanon
52 Libya
53 Mexico
54 Mongolia
55 Morocco
56 Myanmar (Burma)
57 Netherlands
58 New Zealand
59 Nicaragua
60 Niger
61 Nigeria
62 Norway
63 Pakistan
64 Panama
65 Peru
66 Philippines
67 Portugal
68 Puerto Rico
69 Romania
70 Russian Federation
71 Singapore
72 Slovenia
73 South Africa
74 Spain
75 Sri Lanka
76 St Kitts-Nevis
77 St Lucia
78 Sweden
79 Switzerland
80 Taiwan (China Rep of)
81 Thailand
82 Trinidad & Tobago
83 United Arab Emirates
84 United Kingdom
85 USA
86 Venezuela
87 Vietnam
88 Yemen Arab Republic
89 Yugoslavia

What is happening in VoIP

January 27, 2006

If there is a single trend I have observed this week it is that VoIP is really happening. I spent a good deal of time interviewing companies exhibiting at the Internet Telephony show and they told me that the buyers at this show are more serious than ever. Many companies are selling product on the show floor.

I am further blown away by the international nature of VoIP. This week I have seen more and more service providers and enterprises coming from Africa, Asia, Latin America and everywhere else.

At the networking receptions the most frequent discussions I heard were about SIP, IMS, SOA and VoIP security.

Tom Ridge Speaking

January 26, 2006

SIP Magazine is Here

January 25, 2006

Meeting Ron Insana

January 25, 2006

I am really looking forward to meeting Ron Insana today. I have been an avid CNBC fan for years – perhaps a decade or so. I can’t wait to hear what Insana has to say. I have noticed that many of the big-name keynoters at ITEXPO are really loose on stage and seem much less scripted than on TV.

Asterisk's Mark Spencer Speaks

January 24, 2006

The keynotes at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo keynotes kicked off today, the first day of this four-day event, with Mark Spencer of Digium/Asterisk to a huge audience.
 Mark started his talk by saying that his company runs VoIP on a network that is as he calls it "the the worst case scenario" and doing so allows them to find out if products are broken before others find problems. As developers they are thrilled to run on a network not designed for perfect voice delivery but not everyone in the company is as excited by this strategy (for obvious reasons).

Spencer says he also has to be sensitive to customer calls as people associate telephone quality with the products you make. Mark mentioned that his phone system was recently inundated by callers looking for a very funny message (Mark indicated the sound clip is available on CD and did not explain how you could hear it if you missed the conference). The message is a funny take off on a busy call center.

Internet Telephony Countries

January 23, 2006

The SIP Standard

January 22, 2006

It is also great see that a single standard like SIP has emerged as something we can all rally around. What may have really slowed industry growth in years past was a plethora of standards that sewed more confusion in the market than necessary. When you have so much confusion in a market you slow purchasing and the industry can't get off the ground effectively. I think we don’t have that problem anymore and now the challenge for the industry is to ensure we don’t have to fear a two-tiered Internet that chokes our access to consumers.

SIP turned out to be not only a standard that was logical for the market to adopt but it also benefited from being the standard that was becoming most popular on September 11th.

ITEXPO Can't Miss Events

January 21, 2006

The worst thing you can do at an industry event is miss one of the most important things that are happening. At Internet Telephony Conference & Expo next week for example there is just so much happening that you will be hard-pressed to find something you shouldn't attend. There are just so many unique educational events that you should make sure to get plenty of rest every night.

Here are some of the things I suggest you do while at the show. First and foremost, come by and say hello to me at a reception.

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Internets

January 21, 2006

Here is the unedited Publisher's Outlook from the February 2006 issue of Internet Telephony Magazine:

We live in a country that prides itself on being on the forefront of technology yet we are behind in many ways. Interestingly we seem to constantly lag when it comes to communications infrastructure. While we brag that our country invented the Internet and probably 90% of the world population realizes how important the Internet is in business and our personal lives, no one in the United States is stepping up to the plate to ensure we will have the best Internet possible in this country.

First a word on cell phones. The US along with a small handful of other countries have standardized on various wireless network technologies.

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