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IMS Party at GlobalComm

April 18, 2006

We are about to announce details of our annual Supercomm – whoops – GlobalComm party that we put on with the IPCC. This is now the third year of this party. Last year it was at Sears Tower, the year before on a cruise ship and now it is bigger and better - at Chicago Landmark Soldier Field.

There is a new theme this year and you cannot miss this event.

It will now be an IMS party co-sponsored by the IMS Forum –formerly the IPCC. It will also be sponsored by TMC's new IMS Magazine and IMS Expo.

Call Center 2.0 Sponsor

April 10, 2006

TMCnet Podcast

April 10, 2006

TMC News Snapshots

February 25, 2006

Here is a new service from TMCnet – News Snapshots™ that will allow you to have a single page to go to keep track of important companies and topics in communications and technology. Bill Gates even gets a page. A snapshot of Nortel for example allows you to keep track of news and articles about the company as well as a stock chart.

The service is in beta and we hope that it helps you keep track of the companies and topics you have interest in. Let us know if you have suggestions for improvement.

Adobe Systems
Agere Systems
Aspect Software
Bill Gates
Cablevision Systems
Cisco Systems

Nokia Predicts Massive IMS Growth

February 17, 2006

According to this article Nokia thinks the IMS market will be huge. There are a number of reasons including the need for more revenue creation opportunities and services. Services like mobile video and fixed mobile convergence are discussed in the article.

Here are some excerpts:

IMS has been a focus at this year's mobile industry trade show in Barcelona, with announcements from firms such as TeliaSonera, Ericsson, Vodafone and Nokia on plans for the technology.

IMS is a platform that allows telecoms providers to quickly rollout new services, such as video calling, and it allows consumers to use one phone which automatically switches between mobile and fixed-line networks.

"The IMS market is not big yet, but it is of strategic importance," said Kai Konola, head of strategy at Nokia's networks unit.

"In 2006 I would expect it to be in the ballpark of 100-200 million euros. In 3-4 years time it will be an over 1 billion market," he said.

Electronics manufacturer Flextronics said in a statement more than 200 fixed-line and mobile telecom operators were running trials using IMS.

Every major technology firm, including the world's top network maker Ericsson and U.S.

San Jose Mercury News

February 9, 2006

VoIP Trends

February 2, 2006

I have now been asked three times in one day what the trends were from the last Internet Telephony Conference & Expo last week in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. I would have to say that the fixed mobile convergence and IMS conference tracks had a tremendous amount of energy and were standing room only. These sessions were just about as exciting as it gets and conferees and speakers seemed to feel that the audience was thirsty for more information. We have been asked by more than one speaker to dedicate more time to these sessions just to allow for the large amount of Q&A.

At the opposite end of the VoIP spectrum is IP contact centers where the sessions were also standing room only. The contact center market had seemed to slow for a few years.

IMS Expo

February 1, 2006

Thank You

February 1, 2006

Thank you for attending ITEXPO last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and giving us testimonials any show producer would be proud to have. What consistently amazes me about Internet Telephony Conference & Expo is that a wide variety of exhibitors are happy and conferees are thrilled as well. Thank you all for attending and for the nice words. These testimonials are unsolicited and I am told a huge batch more just haven't been put on our site yet.

VoIP in 89 Countries

January 31, 2006

VoIP is indeed becoming more international by the day. In fact at the recent ITEXPO show in Ft. Lauderdale, 89 countries were represented. Thank you all for attending Internet Telephony Conference & Expo and making the event the one place you come to make purchasing decisions. Thanks to all the people that came to the event from the following countries:

1 Albania
2 Angola
3 Argentina
4 Australia
5 Austria
6 Bahamas
7 Bahrain
8 Bangladesh
9 Barbados
10 Belgium
11 Bermuda
12 Bolivia
13 Brazil
14 Burkina-Faso
15 Cameroon
16 Canada
17 Chile
18 China Peoples Rep
19 Colombia
20 Costa Rica
21 Cyprus
22 Dominica
23 Dominican Republic
24 Ecuador
25 Egypt (Arab Rep of)
26 El Salvador
27 Estonia
28 Finland
29 France
30 Germany
31 Ghana
32 Guadeloupe
33 Guatemala
34 Guyana
35 Haiti
36 Honduras
37 Hong Kong
38 Iceland
39 India
40 Indonesia
41 Iran
42 Ireland Republic of
43 Israel
44 Italy
45 Ivory
46 Jamaica
47 Japan
48 Kenya
49 Korea South-Rep. of
50 Kuwait
51 Lebanon
52 Libya
53 Mexico
54 Mongolia
55 Morocco
56 Myanmar (Burma)
57 Netherlands
58 New Zealand
59 Nicaragua
60 Niger
61 Nigeria
62 Norway
63 Pakistan
64 Panama
65 Peru
66 Philippines
67 Portugal
68 Puerto Rico
69 Romania
70 Russian Federation
71 Singapore
72 Slovenia
73 South Africa
74 Spain
75 Sri Lanka
76 St Kitts-Nevis
77 St Lucia
78 Sweden
79 Switzerland
80 Taiwan (China Rep of)
81 Thailand
82 Trinidad & Tobago
83 United Arab Emirates
84 United Kingdom
85 USA
86 Venezuela
87 Vietnam
88 Yemen Arab Republic
89 Yugoslavia

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