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ITSP in a Box

How do you know the market is getting competitive? When you can buy an ITSP in a box. Take a look at this release. For under $40k you’re up and running. Of course there is more involved but still this is great price for what you get.

MAILVISION ANNOUNCES ITSP Plus a SIP services "starter kit" for service providers.

Spring VON, San Jose USA– March 7, 2005 MAILVISION Ltd., has announced its ITSP(Internet Telephony SIP Package) Plus out of the box SIP services "Starter Kit" designed to allow services providers entering the VOIP market to offer immediate revenue generating services

The ITSP Plus is an all in one package that includes; a SIP proxy server, STUN server, Voice Mail (light), Prepaid Billing, and SIP softphone client designed to support 5000 subscribers. An ISP or Greenfield SP can instantly become a VOIP service provider considering that this integrated package is offered at a very cost efficient entry level price of $37,500.

Mailvision is a leading innovator in SIP solutions offering its customers a full range of services, in a single fully integrated platform; applications which have been widely deployed include; Voice Mail, Conferencing, IVR services, Prepaid and Call Back.

"The ITSP Plus enables new entrants to the VOIP market to get up and running in a timely cost efficient way, bring value to their respective markets" says Benjamin Bar-Ness, VP of Business Development for MailVision. “this carrier grade platform having such an affordable price tag enables any service provider to jump on the VoIP wagon, with the same capabilities which only large telcos could provide in the past” added Benjamin Bar-ness .

The MailVision SIP Application Platform is a 3PCC software package that enables service providers to build scalable, reliable packet-voice services. MailVision's unique IP-based architecture directly integrates into a VoIP network infrastructure forging the convergence of Internet and telephony and delivering cost-effective, revenue-producing enhanced communications services.

About MailVision
MailVision develops and markets enhanced services platforms for Wireless service providers, Telco's and NexGen communications service providers. Offering a full line of SIP based solutions Mailvision offers service providers an easy migration to revenue generating VOIP services. Founded in 1997, MailVision has its R&D center in Haifa, Israel. For more information, visit www.

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