JFK in the Snow

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JFK in the Snow

I'm on my way to Las Vegas for the Vonexus connection keynote I am doing tomorrow and I can tell you JFK is the last place you want to be if like clean sidewalks and calm. It is pandemonium here. Thankfully, I found a quiet nook where I can type and spy on my gate as there is some sort of delay. I am not sure how much longer I will have to wait but I picked up some magazines and Jon Stewart's "America" for the flight. You know it's cold outside when you can freeze a turkey in your garage. That is how cold it felt in there when I left this morning.

BTW I met Jon Stewart a few months back and he seems like  a nice guy in person. Perhaps a bit more shy than on TV but then again it is his job to be outgoing.

I scanned the news this AM and it seems Google VoIP rumors are the talk of the net this Am (no pun...) If you want to track the twists and turns, I am sure Tom Keating will be on this story and break any new news.


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