Just Landed at JFK Airport

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Just Landed at JFK Airport

One of the concerns of passengers which I shared was that the plane would not have enough water for all of us as we can no longer bring our own. The good news is that American Airlines served beverages 4 times if you include the time they came by with cups of water on a tray. This seemed to keep everyone happy.

The one complaint people still have is that they will have to check their bags and thus wait longer to leave the airport once the flight has landed. One flight attendant mentioned that many times flights are delayed due to having too many carry-on items. So I surmised if flights can leave perhaps 10 minutes earlier due to less carry-on luggage and waiting for bags takes 20 minutes then perhaps you will lose a net of 10 minutes.

The exception is at Laguardia airport where the wait for luggage can be longer that 30 minutes.

To make travel smoother I urge the airlines to make sure bags are delivered to customers faster than ever to ensure businesspeople keep traveling. The carry-on bag was the way people in business saved valuable minutes when going on short trips.

The alternative is just to buy new toiletries over and over which is obviously wasteful and will eventually annoy business travelers.

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