Just Say No To Verizon and MCI

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Just Say No To Verizon and MCI

The more I think about the Verizon and MCI deal the more I realize this acquisition is not in the best interest of consumers. Verizon is a very strong company and controls the best national wireless network as well as being a very strong ILEC. Getting a hold of MCI's network and customers will make them much stronger and a very powerful force in the market. They will be tough to compete with and as such will have no incentive to lower prices which is always good for consumers.

When regulators look at Wal-Mart they see a company that is becoming more of a monopoly everyday but is lowering prices so dramatically that they can only be seen as good for consumers. Verizon Wireless does the opposite. Their prices are high and they don’t offer compelling devices on their network. Finally they coerce you into signing long-term contracts. They are taking advantage of a very strong market position IMO.

I don't blame them... They are a for-profit company and I recently switched to Verizon Wireless because it is the best. If MCI is set on merging then from a "Good for consumer," standpoint, they should be allowed to merge with Qwest and not Verizon. If the deal does go through I would suggest purchasing some Verizon stock.

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