Kevin Martin Good For VoIP?

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Kevin Martin Good For VoIP?

Most people think that Kevin Martin is a good person to lead the FCC. This article suggests he may not be friendly to VoIP companies and interestingly the ILECS seem to be thrilled he is the new chairman. This article talks a great deal about the USF and reminds me that we really need an overhaul to the system that encourages rural carriers to continue to deploy non-broadband telephony. We further need to provide incentives for broadband providers. The USF could take a cut on the roll out of broadband lines. Or better yet, the government should look somewhere else for this revenue. Telephony has become an application and as such should be free from USF fees and the myriad of typical telecom charges.

More importantly the US is falling behind in the roll out of broadband and we desperately need connectivity if we are to compete in the global economy. We should be giving tax credits for broadband roll outs and incentives to Americans to use broadband. This is a top strategic imperative in my mind.

Of course it isnt fair to eliminate VoIP from USF contribution and it isn’t fair to have it apply to the PSTN either. We do desperately need an overhaul of the system.

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