Keynoting the Vonexus Connection Conference

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Keynoting the Vonexus Connection Conference

Recently I was honored by Vonexus and invited to be a keynote speaker at their first-ever Vonexus Connection Conference. Vonexus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interactive Intelligence with some impressive technology. The conference is targeted at resellers and will be held in Las Vegas. Hopefully you can come out and see me speak.

This is what I will be covering:

VoIP 2.0: The Future of IP Telephony

Rich Tehrani, VoIP evangelist and industry luminary will be discussing the transition of VoIP from its infancy to where we are now… VoIP 2.0. In addition to covering the entire VoIP market, he will focus on how to make money selling the latest VoIP equipment and services. VoIP is constantly evolving and selling today’s solutions is different that selling solutions from a mere year ago. To keep up with the VoIP market you need to know about VoIP 2.0. and Mr. Tehrani will make sure you understand all about this exciting new paradigm shift in VoIP.

Here is the Vonexus Global Partner Conference Agenda.

I will be speaking in the morning of January 25, 2005

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