Kodak and Skype

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Kodak and Skype

This is really weird. I wrote about how a VoIP provider should work with Kodak just about a week ago now Skype and Kodak have teamed up. I obviously think this is a smart move for Kodak and Skype.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

"Today's families and social networks are scattered around the globe. Staying connected through photo sharing remains an important element in maintaining closer personal relationships," said Sandra Morris, general manager of Consumer Imaging Services at Kodak. "Traditional social gatherings that once took place around the radio, television or telephone are now happening around the computer, mobile phone or camera. KODAK Photo Voice marks the next step in this evolution."

KODAK Photo Voice allows two people to simultaneously view a customized slideshow, and to talk about and react to each picture. After downloading KODAK Photo Voice and Skype, the host then selects pictures from a KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery album or from their PC, compiles them into a KODAK Photo Voice presentation and calls a friend via Skype to watch the slideshow live. Hosts submit orders for prints and other merchandise that guests select through KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery and have them mailed directly to the guest's home.

"Our goal is to make technology easy to use and Skype is a simple Internet communications service that is changing the way people stay in touch," said James Bilefield, vice president of business development for Skype. "The combination of Skype's service and KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery's photo sharing capabilities will make sharing memories even more simple and rewarding for consumers around the globe."

I wonder when other service providers will start getting more aggressive. Skype is not only free but it is integrating with Kodak's industry leading photography web portal. If other service providers want to compete they need to do it better than Skype... Not worse. I have mentioned this before and other providers better wake up soon or they will be gone.

I think the integration of VoIP into online services such as this are just more validation that we are heading into a new world of VoIP which I call VoIP 2.0. The next Internet Telephony Conference in a few weeks in Ft. Lauderdale, FL is the place where VoIP 2.0 comes alive.

I am very excited to see what other relationships are going to be established between VoIP companies and others. I have mentioned ESPN getting involved in VoIP communities. I wonder if we will see such an announcement this week.

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